Stoma Stifler – The Revolutionary Noise Suppressor & Guard in Ostomy Care

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BEAMM LLC has defied convention in the ostomy market with their dual functioning stoma guard and noise suppressor, the Stoma Stifler. Further information can be found at

The recent evolution in stoma protection marks significant strides, focusing on improving life quality for ostomates. A standout product in this field is the Stoma Stifler, designed to cater to all lifestyles and protect against unwanted ostomy noise and unexpected impacts.

USA-based BEAMM LLC celebrates the 10th anniversary of Stoma Stifler’s release, a product that underwent almost two years of development. The primary objective was to create a robust yet flexible hybrid product that suppresses stoma noise and provides stoma protection. To date, no other hybrid product on the market performs as efficiently, doubling as both a stoma guard and a stoma noise suppressor.

The Stoma Stifler features a sleek, body-contoured design, enabling users to wear it anytime, anywhere. It aims to help users regain their freedom and feel more secure, especially during sports activities, social gatherings, and car travel for seat belt protection. The product, engineered with comfort, convenience, and performance in mind, boasts an innovative two-piece design for single-handed application and removal. This design, crafted with input from new and experienced ostomates and the medical community, defies convention, making a difference in the realm of stoma guards and ostomy noise suppressors.

Andrea Bain, Director of Operations at BEAMM LLC, says, “We wanted to try something new with the Stoma Stifler. Most stoma guards are heavy, bulky, and rigid. There’s little available that acts as a stoma guard while also helping to mitigate unwanted stoma noise. The Stoma Stifler has an innovative two-piece design that is put on and taken off with one hand, easily and quickly. This is a type of lightweight flexibility that other products do not offer.”

As a welcome innovation, the Stoma Stifler offers a two-piece magnetic clasp design, allowing the flexible high-density polyurethane cup to be snapped on and off easily. It comes with an adjustable, snug band to suit different waist sizes and personal comfort levels. The Stoma Stifler is lightweight, soft, and flexible, ensuring comfort for its users. It offers engineered geometry for impact protection and uses closed-cell polyurethane foam for noise suppression.

BEAMM LLC moved forward on the Stoma Stifler’s design because they wanted to create a functional, comfortable, and aesthetically sleek product. Unlike the boxy and heavy stoma guards on the market, the Stoma Stifler is a lighter, sleeker, and more comfortable alternative. It fits snugly against the body, allowing users to move freely and comfortably without feeling weighed down. Its innovative two-piece design allows for single-handed application and removal, making it user-friendly. Versatile enough for various scenarios, the Stoma Stifler protects the stoma during physical activity while being discreet enough for quieter environments.

“We want to give our customers options. With the Stoma Stifler, they have a fresh new possibility. We want them to feel confident and protected when using the Stoma Stifler. Trying something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk we believe is worth taking,” says Andrea Bain.

Established in 2013, BEAMM LLC has always aimed to stand out from the crowd, providing its customers with the best possible experience for the past decade.

The Stoma Stifler can be purchased directly from their official website at

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