Automotive Technician Safety Training Resource On Importance Of Gloves Launched

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The Autobody Source, a website that hosts resources for the collision repair sector, launches a new video titled “3 Reasons Real Technicians Wear Safety Gloves.”

This recently published resource is part of the company’s long-running safety training series. It seeks to encourage the wearing of gloves and debunks the common belief that doing so diminishes the credibility of a technician.

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For the new video, The Autobody Source partnered with HumbleMechanic, a popular YouTuber who is a prominent advocate of wearing gloves. Company representatives hope to leverage the online influencer’s 800,000 subscribers to spread its message to technicians who eschew this simple yet vital safety protocol.

The video highlights three crucial reasons why glove-wearing should be standard in all repair shops:


As HumbleMechanic notes, technicians often come in contact with harsh chemicals that could damage the skin. Among the most noxious ones are solvents and coolants, which can injure an individual’s complexion with repeated exposure.


Studies have shown that a typical car plays host to around 700 different kinds of bacteria. Since mechanics have to work extensively on vehicles, their hands can be carriers for these microbes. The YouTuber now says the concentration of bacteria can be much greater in high-touch surfaces, such as door handles and steering wheels.


Paints, oils, and other chemicals can likewise dirty the interiors of a car if a technician does not wear gloves. Not only can these substances damage sensitive materials like upholstery, but cleanup and restoration require additional effort and money. By donning gloves, professionals also save time as they no longer need to wash their hands repeatedly.

HumbleMechanic does note that in some instances, not wearing gloves is acceptable. This includes in-depth wiring repair, wherein ungloved hands have greater dexterity and feel.

A spokesperson says: “Your hands are essential to your job as a collision repair expert. Luckily, protecting them can be as simple as putting on a pair of gloves. As HumbleMechanic, an experienced mechanic with a huge following shows, it’s what real technicians ought to do.”


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