TruShot 2.0 Spray Bottle Review | Auto Shop Cleaning Product Guide Published

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Leading automotive media outlet The Autobody Source publishes a new report that tackles SC Johnson’s revamped mobile cleaning system.

For the new report, editors at The Autobody Source rigorously tested the TruShot 2.0 to see if it lives up to its promise of increased cleaning efficiency. The team also covers the different cleaning solutions that can be used with the system and how well they apply to the automotive industry.

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SC Johnson’s TruShot 2.0 was developed with cleaning mobility in mind. Editors highlight the portable dispenser, which comes with a 10-ounce water reservoir and a slot for the user’s chosen cleaning solution.

The Autobody Source notes the simplicity and intuitiveness of TruShot 2.0, which obviates the need for manual mixing and measuring of chemistries. This is made possible by the built-in metering technology, which ensures that each spray contains the optimal dilution of water and cleaning agents.

Another standout feature, say the editors, are the cleaning cartridges, of which the glass and degreaser variants are most applicable to auto body shops. The cartridges slot firmly into the spray bottle and have a no-spill construction. Moreover, they are already pre-labeled, making them compliant with OSHA regulations for labeling hazardous chemicals.

The water reservoir, meanwhile, has a unique top-side opening, which makes refilling seamless. Its 10-ounce capacity also allows technicians to complete up to 300 pulls before refilling, enhancing their productivity.

Editors likewise spotlighted the durability of TruShot 2.0. The trigger has been tested to last for up to 250,000 pulls, making it suitable for even the busiest of repair shops. Likewise, the rugged bottle is constructed to withstand drops of up to six feet.

A spokesperson from The Autobody Source says: “Cleaning the premises is an important part of owning an auto body repair shop, which is why a product like TruShot 2.0 can be a valuable addition to your shop. The efficiency and simplicity it offers make it a standout product that comes at a cost-effective price.”


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