Chaplaincy Certification To Elevate Spiritual Care Skills & Credentials Updated

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The National School Chaplain Association (NSCA) (405-831-3299) has updated their chaplaincy certification process for committed individuals who are looking to elevate their skills and credentials in spiritual care.

The NSCA sees school chaplains as an indispensable part of school communities across the United States, working to support the spiritual, social, and mental health care of a diverse student body in both public and private education, and in elementary, middle, and high schools. Given the esteem in which the organization holds the role of a school chaplain, they work consistently to redevelop and refine their training and certification programs, and they have made one such update to their programming with their online study path.

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With the latest update to their online training and certification processes, the NSCA believes they have both streamlined and improved the quality of education they provide interested chaplains and their accreditation procedures.

More specifically, their online program allows for a personalized path of study in which an individual’s prior career experience and education can be valued and accepted as credits towards their chaplaincy certification.

As a representative for the NSCA explained, “The NSCA now offers rolling admission so you can get started at any time and begin your online training to become eligible and competitive for employment as soon as possible. With our self-paced training, you can start your dream job as a school chaplain as soon as your requirements have been completed.”

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Since 1999, the NSCA has been the leading provider of officially certified school chaplains in the United States, and they work hard to maintain their reputation for excellence amongst their partnering schools and their certified chaplains. As such, they also constantly adapt their curriculum in order to provide their students with the broad skill set they will need to support children and teenagers through issues as far-reaching as crises of faith, bullying, non-attendance, violent ideations, family breakdowns, and more.

Most chaplains trained and certified by the NSCA have traditionally been hired within as little as one year, and they believe chaplains will enjoy gainful full-time employment in an even shorter period with their streamlined online processes.

A spokesperson for the NSCA added, “Follow the call to provide spiritual care for students across America. Learn about our chaplain certification and training program.”

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