Authority Positioning For Coaching Careers, Subject Matter Expert Course Update

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Mike Driggers has updated his personal branding and authority positioning courses for individuals who want to learn how to establish credibility and build trust for a career in coaching.

Following the recent update, Mike Driggers now offers a suite of coaching and consultation programs designed to empower professionals to create successful coaching businesses. These programs leverage his “10 Steps to 7 Figures” roadmap, establishing participants as industry influencers and thought leaders.

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The newly updated courses include the Authority Fingerprint Mastermind, an eight-week intensive program designed to fast-track clients to become recognized authorities in their respective fields. With a focus on creating high-ticket coaching programs, this course aims to lay the groundwork for participants to develop a profitable coaching business within 90 days.

Alongside the Mastermind course, Driggers offers the Instant Authority-Extreme Lead Generating Machine. This program teaches clients how to turn social media profiles into effective lead generation tools, amplifying their online presence and reach.

Another addition is the “Done-For-You” (DFY) Coaching Business course, a six-month program tailored for aspiring coaches or consultants across various industries. The program provides a comprehensive roadmap to convert existing knowledge and expertise into a thriving business.

With five specialized teams, the DFY Coaching Business gives clients the support and guidance they need to find their niche and become industry influencers. Among these teams is a dedicated content creation group that partners closely with clients to create courses, packaging their knowledge and expertise into easily consumable lectures or guides.

To maximize sign-up rates for these courses, participants are paired with a marketing and commission-only sales team trained to generate high-quality leads and close deals on their behalf.

In addition to his coaching and consultation programs, Driggers is also the author of 12 influential books, including ‘Mastering of the Mindset’, ‘Managing Your Commitment’, and ‘Unleash the Intrapreneurship Within’. He also authored ‘On Target Marketing’, which talks about finding local targeted leads online, and a three-part series on life, sales, and leadership. Two of his books, ‘The One Element’ and ‘Entrepreneur on Fire’, contain success stories and conversations with visionary entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

“Mike’s programs are built specifically to help you get what you want out of life. You will break through your mental barriers, get paid more, grow your audience and unlock the hidden profit centers in your business,” a representative said.

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