Telluride, CO Portable Pulse Dose Oxygen Concentrator Rental Services Update

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Oxygen supply systems provider Oxygen Assistant of Telluride, Colorado (970-710-3119) updated its rental services, offering supplemental oxygen rental equipment to patients who suffer from altitude sickness.

Mountain Village visitors and residents who have difficulties dealing with altitude sickness can now rent portable and stationary oxygen concentrators from Oxygen Assistant. The recent update is part of a broader campaign to spread awareness about using oxygen concentrators to treat the more severe symptoms of acute mountain sickness.

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Oxygen Assistant addresses the increased demand for affordable rental of portable supplemental oxygen systems in the mountainous regions of Colorado.

Acute mountain sickness, also known as altitude sickness, is caused by the reduction of air pressure when rapidly ascending to high altitudes. According to the NIH, it is characterized by impaired physical performance and an increase in ventilation frequency. It also causes shortness of breath, headache, dizziness, and fatigue.

“Carrying a portable oxygen concentrator can help reduce those symptoms instead of taking medication,” explains a company spokesperson, “because medication, such as Acetazolamide, can cause many side effects, some of which are not preferable to have to deal with when exposed to sunlight or during driving.”

Oxygen Assistant offers rentals of portable concentrators suited for treating altitude sickness, as they weigh under 10 pounds. They support pulse dose operation, meaning their oxygen release is triggered upon inhalation. This improves their battery life and conserves energy.

The company also offers affordable rentals of stationary oxygen concentrators in other parts of San Miguel County. A doctor usually prescribes these medical devices to treat chronic lung conditions at home. Oxygen Assistant’s fixed O2 concentrators feature a ‘continuous flow’ mode of operation that delivers 90-96% pure oxygen at 0.5 to 5 liters per minute. In addition, Oxygen Assistant supplies gently used portable oxygen concentrators.

About Oxygen Assistant

Oxygen Assistant is a reputable oxygen concentrator provider with a wealth of experience in providing clients in the mountainous terrain of Colorado with portable and stationary oxygen delivery solutions. The company also has locations in Florida and Arizona which offer affordable used concentrators.

A satisfied customer said: “Oxygen Assistant’s portable O2 concentrator helped me in my first high altitude hitchhiking attempts a great deal. Their service is really fast and I will definitely continue using it in the future.”

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