Somerset County HVAC Contractor: Air Conditioning Installation Service Updated

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HVAC contractor Comfort Zone Heating and Air (973-309-2572), based in Somerset County, New Jersey, has recently updated its central air conditioning installation services.

Following the announcement, the contractor wants to equip businesses and residents of Somerset and Middlesex Counties in New Jersey with the latest AC systems. Its central air conditioning installation service is aimed at those seeking an energy-efficient HVAC solution for a comfortable indoor climate.

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The expansion of Comfort Zone Heating’s air conditioning installation services comes to address a constantly growing demand for long-lasting, cost-effective HVAC solutions. The central air conditioning systems that the contractor recommends to its clients use less energy while not compromising indoor comfort.

According to the Department of Energy, central air conditioning systems offer several benefits, such as their dehumidifying properties, and their quiet and easy mode of operation. Furthermore, a modern and energy-efficiency air conditioner can use down to 50% less energy than one from the mid-1970s and 40% less than a 10-year-old system. However, the department points out that an AC system needs to be installed correctly to deliver these advantages.

Comfort Zone Heating and Air employs experienced technicians who perform a detailed assessment of the client’s property to recommend the most suitable air conditioning system for them. The team can handle the installation of a variety of AC systems and can suggest a solution that meets both their client’s needs and budget.

In addition, they install HVAC systems for heating, cooling, and improving indoor air quality. They also offer repair and maintenance solutions, alongside a 24/7 emergency service on all brands and models.

About Comfort Zone Heating and Air

The founder of Comfort Zone Heating and Air has worked in the industry since 1993. The company is family-owned and operated and serves neighborhoods throughout Central New Jersey, Middlesex, Somerset, and Union County.

A spokesperson for the contractor said: “Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to handle all of your HVAC needs. We pride ourselves on providing quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.”

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