Microcurrent Device, Custom Frequency Protocols For Pain Management Updated

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MEND Technology has expanded its FSM pain management product range for healthcare practitioners looking to offer energy medicine as part of their services.

Portable and versatile, these latest additions to the range—MEND Professional Unit and MEND Wellness Unit—offer an effective and safe way for chiropractors to easily incorporate bio-resonance technologies into their pain management modalities. Both models utilize frequency-specific microcurrents (FSM) to alleviate pain and promote optimal well-being.

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The MEND unit (Professional or Wellness) features software, USB cable, leads, electrode pads, and conductive material—everything needed to quickly integrate this treatment option into a practice’s process.

Though electrotherapy has been around for decades, it has seen a resurgence in recent years, particularly because of technological advancements and growing interest in holistic, non-invasive pain management.

Frequency-specific microcurrent offers localized pain relief by using weak electrical currents on specific tissues in the body. MEND Technology points out that the technique can be used to manage acute, chronic, and post-operative pains, as well as reduce inflammation, boost circulation, and improve muscle function.

The MEND Professional Unit offers advanced features like manual and automated modes – capability to load up to 999 custom protocols and the ability to customize the polarity, waveform, frequency, and more easily during runtime.

The Wellness model is suitable for those who are just starting out in micro-current therapies, as the unit is pre-programmed with 60 protocols and can hold up to 99 treatment protocols for easy deployment.

Along with the FSM devices, MEND Technology offers complimentary online tutorials on how to care for and make the most of their equipment. The products are available on the company’s website, and orders can be shipped within the next business day.

A company spokesperson said, “In the last two years alone, significant advances and research have demonstrated and proven the effectiveness, time and time again, of energy medicine applications to promote optimal wellness, decrease inflammation, reverse aging, and heal trauma in ways previously considered impossible. We are here to stay current with the data, research, and times and provide practitioners with breakthrough technology.”

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