Boca Raton Stock Broker Fraud Lawyer, FINRA Arbitration Attorney Service Expands

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Investors in Boca Raton who have been defrauded by their stockbrokers can now seek legal assistance from one of South Florida’s leading securities attorneys.

The Soreide Law Group has announced an expansion of its service area to include residents in Boca Raton. This latest move seeks to bring the expertise of a nationally acclaimed team of lawyers closer to the city’s growing senior population—a demographic that is historically at most risk from broker fraud.

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Stock broker fraud refers to deceptive or illegal practices committed by stockbrokers, financial advisors, or brokerage firms. These fraudulent activities are devised to mainly benefit the broker or firm at the expense of their clients.

One of the most common types of broker fraud is misrepresentation, which involves the broker making false claims about a particular stock or investment product. Another common fraud type is unauthorized trading, where brokers purchase or sell a security without the green light of the client.

According to—the SEC’s online portal—seniors are the preferred targets of fraudulent brokers, as they are particularly vulnerable to common scam tactics like false bonds of friendship.

“A quarter of Boca Raton’s 100,000-person population is over 65, and this growing demographic is at the crosshairs of unscrupulous brokers who are always on the hunt for their next big score,” a spokesperson from the Soreide Law Group said.

In anticipation of the need for victim representation, the firm has endeavored to introduce its services to the city, which centers around FINRA arbitration. This process involves foregoing the trial in favor of arbitration before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA. According to the Soreide Law Group, disputes brought before this self-regulatory body are resolved faster than litigation, and the decisions are “final and binding.”

One quality that sets the Soreide Law Group apart is that its lawyers have worked at FINRA, which gave them an in-depth understanding of arbitration processes and the applicable security laws that can be leveraged in one’s unique situation.

As of this writing, 90% of cases handled by the firm have resulted in recovery.

“At our firm, you will not deal with paralegals or people claiming to be FINRA consultants, you will only work with securities lawyers with years of experience in arbitration,” the firm’s spokesperson added.

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