Extended Handle Body Shaver For Men: Pain-Free Waxing Alternative Announced

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Fuze Brands has expanded its men’s personal care products with the Back And Body Shaver, which offers a more cost-effective and pain-free alternative to waxing.

Fuze Brands’ Back And Body Shaver features an extra-long handle and detachable blades that allow for better access to hard-to-reach areas of the body.

More information is available at http://bit.ly/2qRG0a0

The long-handle shaver is suitable for use on both wet and dry skin, allowing it to be safely used in or out of the shower whenever a trim is required.

While the reasons for doing so vary, recent statistics have shown that over 45% of males shave their backs and body. However, as the cost of getting a full-body wax increases, many men are seeking out a more affordable and in-home alternative. Fuze Brands’ Back And Body Shaver was conceived as a response to this need.

The shaver features an ergonomic handle that makes it easier for users to reach all areas of their back for a close and consistent shave. It is also easy to clean, requires no batteries, and can be folded in half, making it easy to store and more compact for traveling.

To give men an all-in-one solution for body hair removal, the shaver has a detachable blade that can then be used for shaving their chest and abdomen. Additionally, each of the product’s Dry Glide blades is designed to provide a close yet pain-free shave while also being long-lasting and rust-free.

As part of Fuze Brands’ range of health and beauty products, the Back And Body Shavers are also available in a range of product bundles. These include accessories for the shaver, including travel bags, wall mounts, and multiple replacement blades.

In addition to their Back And Body Shavers, the online retailer also has a selection of additional grooming solutions for men such as head shavers, beard kits, stainless steel nose trimmers, and nose waxing kits. They also offer free worldwide shipping and next-business-day dispatch for all of their items along with a 3-month guarantee should customers have any issues.

“Very skeptical at first. Saw these types of products and didn’t know how they would work without a shaving cream or something like that,” one reviewer said. “Just sorry I didn’t buy it sooner.”

For order or additional information, interested parties may visit http://bit.ly/2qRG0a0

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