Reinvigorating Natural Herbal Mineral Soak With Essential Oils Updated

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Parlour of Wonders, the online store of skincare and spiritual wellness guru Madame Pamita, has released a new collection of her popular natural herbal mineral soaks.

The new natural mineral soaks are made with a proprietary blend of essential oils and Epsom salts. Parlour of Wonders recommends that customers add the crystals to a warm bath in order to create a physically and spiritually healing mineral bath that is both relaxing and reinvigorating.

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As the cold months of winter quickly approach, Parlour of Wonders believes that the physically and emotionally restorative act of taking a long, warm bath is now particularly valuable. And, they especially recommend a healing herbal-infused bath to those readers who are looking to integrate a regular self-care act throughout the coming colder and darker months.

All their fragrant and floral mineral soaks have been handcrafted in Madame Pamita’s Los Angeles studio from the finest and purest natural ingredients. To start with, she combines sea salt with a base of Epsom salts. Also known as magnesium sulfate, Epsom salts have been used for hundreds of years to alleviate aches and pains in the body.

To this rich base, Parlour of Wonders adds a hand-blended mixture of essential oils and potent wild-harvested herbs and botanicals to enhance the mineral soak’s effect upon the body, the skin and the soul.

Popular new additions to their mineral soak line include their Release and Restore Bath Crystals. This skin-softening formula includes Balm of Gilead buds and lavender essential oil and has been designed to help users let go of the old and welcome the new.

Also popular are their Energetic Purification Bath Crystals. This powerful blend helps users to dispel negative energy and combines fragrant and healing hyssop and lemon verbena.

All of Parlour of Wonders’ new mineral soaks are available for purchase in a one-bath, three-bath or seven-bath size.

Parlour of Wonders is a Los Angeles based online store for spiritual wellness and high-vibe skincare products.

A spokesperson for the store’s founder said “Our proprietary Bath Crystal formulas are created by Madame Pamita from pure sea salt and Epsom salts, essential oils and herbs, and hand-blended right here at the Parlour of Wonders. These crystals are effective tools that help to facilitate clearing and balancing, while encouraging and uplifting your spirit.”

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