Cape Town Divorce Mediation Lawyers: Property Division & Custody Support Expands

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Divorce Lawyer Cape Town (021-7628762) has expanded its legal services to serve Western Cape better, stressing that using mediation can help both parties avoid unnecessary difficulties for both parties and their children.

Divorce Lawyer Cape Town (DLCT), a law practice with years of experience in family law and divorce mediation, announced the expansion of its mediation and family law services to more individuals and families across Western Cape, allowing clients to bypass the complexities of the court system and settle their cases out of court, which can save time and money. DLCT also offers assistance with court proceedings, child custody support, property division, and negotiation with the opposing party’s counsel.

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The announcement comes against the backdrop of more than 20,000 completed divorces in South Africa, a slight annual increase from the previous year. DLCT’s expanded services are aimed at addressing that trend by offering clients a confidential and voluntary process to discuss all aspects of the divorce, have a say in the outcomes, and preserve a civil, amicable relationship for the sake of their children.

Experienced DLCT divorce mediators facilitate negotiation and communication between both parties and provide actionable advice on legal and financial issues involved in the divorce. The firm explains that mediation aims to arrive at an amicable and mutually beneficial resolution to the emotionally complex and often stressful process.

“Many people don’t realize that mediation is done entirely out of court – by a mediator,” explains a lawyer from the practice, “this can possibly save a lot of time and heartache for both parties, provided that they both agree to the mediation process.”

DLCT’s skilled mediators help couples address, calmly discuss, and cooperate on sensitive aspects of the divorce, including spousal support, child custody, and the equitable division of assets. The practice also notes that mediation allows for resolving all types of divorce-related disputes, including developing out-of-court parenting plans. This process helps parents focus on the needs of their children instead of constantly worrying about court proceedings, summons, and other legal processes.

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Divorce Lawyer Cape Town is a divorce and family law firm in Western Cape, Cape Town, focused on using the power of compassionate advocacy to achieve favourable, compassionate, and positive outcomes for individuals and families.

According to a spokesperson for the firm, “Our mediators are highly qualified and experienced in family law. They deeply understand the legal system and can help you navigate the complexities of divorce mediation. Our mediators are committed to helping you reach a fair and equitable family law solution.”

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