Nebraska X-Ray Metal Detectors For F&B Processing, Packaging & Pharma Launched

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Pack & Inspect Group (855-232-1850) in Nebraska, leading Midwest providers of food and beverage packaging, inspection solutions, and conveying solutions, announce an advanced line of X-ray product inspection systems.

In response to regulatory and consumer pressure for more reliable food inspection methods, agencies and manufacturers have embraced X-ray product inspection technology. Pack & Inspect Group aims to fulfill today’s broad range of safety and quality assurance requirements with their recently announced METTLER TOLEDO Safeline range, a line of dual-energy X-ray systems that offer maximum detection sensitivity, minimized false rejects, and a more user-friendly technical operation.

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X-ray inspection provides non-destructive product imaging and has therefore become more widespread as a reliable way of identifying potential physical defects, foreign materials, and food contaminants in sealed products. The Midwest’s premier provider of product inspection solutions Pack & Inspect Group have introduced a family of dual-energy X-ray systems for enhanced detection of softer contaminants, such as rubber and plastic, that also offer a broad range of applications.

“With over 100 years of combined experience in the food and beverage packaging industries, Pack & Inspect Group represents the premier brands for product inspection, packaging, and product handling,” says a company spokesperson. “The recent introduction of our dual-energy X-ray models is backed by METTLER TOLEDO resources, their national network of field service technicians, the iPac support paradigm, and the brand’s five-year X-ray generator warranty.”

The X36, a highly configurable X-ray system is one of the company’s newest additions. Ideal for companies that require maximum performance and capability under demanding applications, the model offers system widths ranging from the narrowest requirement to 32 inches and can exceed speeds of 320 feet per minute. With X-ray generators up to 420W and multi-lane operation (with standard and custom multi-lane reject available), the X36 is said to provide unrivaled versatility.

Bookending the X36 series is the new X34 series with METTLER TOLEDO optimum power generator, enhanced sensitivities, and touch screen technologies, and the X37 series, made for taller and more rigid product containers and recognized as the global benchmark for side-view inspections of rigid and semi-rigid containers.

With a comprehensive line of product inspection systems that include X-ray machines, metal detectors, checkweighers, vision systems, track & trace, and leak detection, Pack & Inspect Group offers Nebraska manufacturers the safety and quality assurances they need, which also satisfy regulatory body demands and consumer expectations.

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