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Jorge Raziel, the owner and founder of entrepreneur social venture, EMPACTIFY, announces a new educational and educational blog called “”. This series of informative blogs detail the different aspects of digital entrepreneurship., created by well-known entrepreneur Jorge Raziel, has launched its newest information campaign. “” compiles years of experience and knowledge from various industry experts on different topics ranging from effective marketing strategies to emerging e-commerce trends.

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The new business education initiative is meant for the aspiring digital entrepreneur. According to Raziel, digital entrepreneurship has its own unique characteristics, which many business owners and high-level executives remain unaware of. They must become equipped with the knowledge they need so that they can thrive in the modern world. is built on the mission of “empowering entrepreneurs worldwide”. Raziel hopes that his new program will inspire more business owners all over the world to cultivate their own online enterprises and thrive in the ever-growing digital marketplace.

Each concise blog gives various online business tips, digital startup advice, online business strategies, or even best practices for digital entrepreneurs. The goal of every blog is to help purpose-driven people maximize their online business endeavors and become successful while also fulfilling their life purpose.

Jorge Raziel launched in early 2023 but has been helping digital entrepreneurs find meaning and success in their careers since 2009. Raziel is a successful business owner of multiple 7-figure businesses in various industries. To date, he has helped over 10,000 entrepreneurs in more than 50 countries maximize and optimize their businesses.

Visitors to the site can also download a complimentary copy of “How We Made 3 Million Online in Under 24 Months”. The online report teaches readers how to start their own online business in this new digital age.

Raziel writes, “Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur starting your journey or an established business owner aiming to scale up, ‘’ is your guide to sustainable online business success. Our mission is to equip you with the strategies, skills, and confidence to generate substantial profits online, no matter where you are in the world.”

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