Global Village Publishing Announces: INNOVATE® Puerto Rico

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Defining the essence of Caribbean entrepreneurial spirit, Global Village Publishing introduces INNOVATE® Puerto Rico. This premium publication showcases the island’s notable thought leaders, disruptive ventures, and innovative products and services, thrusting Puerto Rico into the limelight of global business innovation.

Come July 2023, this compelling 272-page book, a blend of a classic coffee-table book and modern technology, will be released. It comes complete with augmented reality videos, an online platform, and a global network, all aligning under the singular mission of connecting and championing the most groundbreaking innovations and their catalysts.

Glen Edwards, Publishing Partner for Global Village Publishing, shares: “Presenting INNOVATE® Puerto Rico is an immense honor. It mirrors the invigorating spirit of the island, an epicenter for innovation and entrepreneurship, magnetizing investments and talent in blockchain and other crucial sectors.”

Puerto Rico, a tropical haven with idyllic beaches, has evolved into a significant player in the blockchain arena. But the island isn’t just about cocktails and cryptocurrency. Its expansive innovation ecosystem finds its strongest advocate in InvestPR.

The partnership with InvestPR has been pivotal. This organization focuses on attracting capital investments and businesses to Puerto Rico, simplifying the process for entrepreneurs and companies to set foot on the island. InvestPR has been instrumental in helping numerous entities across various sectors, including bioscience, technology, and professional services, take root and flourish in Puerto Rico.

Through industry-specific chapters, innovators share their stories that come alive with AR-enabled features via the Global Village App. Readers can gain a deeper understanding of those contributing to the island’s growth as a global tech hub.

Adding to the burgeoning collection of Global Village Publishing, INNOVATE® Puerto Rico forms an integral part of the INNOVATE® series. The brainchild of the company’s founder and Co-CEO, Sven Boermeester, these books are his homage to the cities regional ecosystem that have left an imprint on him during his travels. With over 200 INNOVATE® and the sister series, BEST OF editions, published across 65 countries, Boermeester continues to offer enlightening insights into diverse locales.

“In crafting INNOVATE® Puerto Rico, we cater to the intellectually curious who are keen to explore the sweeping changes in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and eager to contribute to its progression,” says Boermeester.

Echoing this sentiment is Carel Van Graan, Co-CEO of Global Village Publishing, a serial entrepreneur with expertise in marketing, branding, and logistics. Van Graan asserts: “Our publications offer an intimate exploration of the cities we feature. INNOVATE® Puerto Rico, in particular, stands as a sterling testament to the region’s vibrant character.”

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Global Village Publishing curates exclusive, tech-enhanced coffee-table books that encapsulate the unique aura of cities worldwide. The series includes INNOVATE® — a tribute to a city’s leading innovators — and the BEST OF series, each volume portraying the people, places, and businesses of global locales. Collaborating with local publishing partners, and shunning the pay-to-play model, Global Village Publishing encapsulates the entrepreneurial ecosystem of each city, envisioning the world as a connected network of innovators and entrepreneurs.

INNOVATE® Puerto Rico will be accessible for purchase on Amazon.


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