Sonfu Digital Solutions Announces Database Customer Reactivation For SMBs

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Sonfu Digital Solutions has announced its database reactivation service for small businesses wanting to improve lead generation and conversion.

The new service from Sonfu Digital Solutions is designed to reconnect with dormant or unresponsive clients and drive them back to the company website – with fully managed prospect outreach and automatic scheduling.

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The new announcement aims to help small business owners combat rising customer acquisition costs, which have increased by 60% in the last five years – according to Recur. As such, the agency aims to offer a cost-effective marketing solution to improve audience engagement and drive conversion.

Sonfu Digital Solutions also helps clients to build stronger consumer relationships and re-engage dormant leads without additional advertising spend. The database reactivation service utilizes proprietary technology to identify website visitors and former customers who have gone cold. It then systematically reconnects with these leads, automatically filling out contact forms and scheduling appointments on the business’s calendar.

This allows companies to restart conversations with prospects who may have previously bounced or approached a competitor – with segmented marketing strategies helping to rebuild trust and rapport with each unique lead profile.

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At the core of the service is a robust lead nurturing program that sends customized messaging on a preset schedule. The goal is to gradually build deeper connections with disengaged prospects and encourage them to convert to repeat buyers.

The service empowers businesses to target reactivation efforts based on criteria such as length of inactivity, purchase history, demographics, and more. By reviving relationships with once-promising leads, companies can improve conversion results without the high costs of paid advertising and lead generation. The Sonfu Digital Solutions database reactivation system delivers messaging that is personalized, strategic, and designed to build more personalized relationships.

Company founder, Sonnie Donaby, states: “I have over 20 years in technology-based applications with 10 years of providing web services to small businesses. I also specialize in implementing high-ROI marketing systems and strategies. Now I’m on a mission to help business owners take advantage of this proven and effective system.”

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