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Business expert Michael Fullick, owner of The Strategic Advisor website, has launched a new business development book that teaches business owners how to accelerate brand growth, even when faced with challenges.

Business owners face a lot of challenges, from limited resources to a lack of capital, and sometimes it can be difficult to source reliable business advice. Offering support to small to medium business owners, author and business strategist Michael Fullick has announced his new book: “The Strategic Advisor. How To Streamline Efficiency And Maximize Profit In Your Business.” In the book, he shares tips, tricks, and strategies he has learned on his own business journey.

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Economic uncertainty has created a difficult climate for business owners: recent Research shows that the rising cost of living is making it tough for many businesses to achieve growth. What’s more, ‘accelerated digital transformation’ has been cited as one of the biggest challenges business owners are facing today, with smaller brand owners struggling to keep up. With his new book, Michael Fullick hopes to help business owners overcome these challenges and achieve business growth without embracing new skills, capital investment, or sophisticated technologies.

Inside the book, Fullick draws on his experience as a global business owner, speaker, and business strategist. He shows readers how to achieve ‘dramatic’ business growth within 90 days without relying on any extra marketing and advertising. A section of the book focuses on client attraction, where Fullick explains how business owners can sign as many clients as they need by following four proven steps.

The author has acknowledged that many business owners struggle to strike a work/life balance, so in addition to business strategies, Fullick also shows readers how to excel in their daily lives. He offers his Powerful Breakthrough System – a method that allows business owners to reduce stress and feel happier while growing their businesses.

Commenting on the book, fellow author Sharon Judd says, “I love a book with real action steps that are easy to implement; this book is it! This book is a holistic guide for business owners looking to fast-track their success and growth personally and professionally. If you follow the steps in this book, you will have immediate change. If you are a business owner and want more time (and fun), read this book.”

About The Author

Michael Fullick is a business advisor based in Queensland, Australia, who has built both local and global companies. His mission is to make business development easier for owners of startups and medium enterprises.

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