Tourtiwi Brings the Trend of Individualism to High Street Fashion With Women’s Punk Style

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( — August 8, 2023) — The online store pays tribute to one of the greatest punk rock purveyors, Vivienne Westwood, who expired in 2022.

USA, 28th July

The designers working with the online fashion store Tourtiwi took to mood boards to create and infuse the subtle yet strong elements of the punk rock subculture into women’s casual dresses. The end result is an updated take on the punk rock style with all of the classic elements of individualism having been retained. The e-store launched its London Fashion Week 2023-inspired collection as a way to pay tribute to the late punk fashion activist Vivienne Westwood. The owners stated that their latest collection of women’s punk style dresses captures the ethos of punk.

“The genesis of punk can be traced back to the tumultuous economic and sociopolitical conditions of the 1970s. However, the subculture has never lost its significance through the decades, as barring a few occasions, the world has gone through a lot of negative events since the 1970s. With the global economic condition growing worse by the day, it is natural for younger women to break free from the showy and elitist culture and reinvent music and fashion. We are just trying to commodify the energy with our punk style clothing for women”, said a top sales executive of the company.

“Our printed t-shirts, sweatshirts, and shirts are ideal for all occasions. The 100% cotton fabric we use in our products is safe and comfortable, and the innovative designs of the dresses help consumers show off their rebellious statement tattoos flamboyantly. We took inspiration from the polished punk fashion displayed at London Fashion Week 2023 and we also wanted to pay our tribute to one of the key figures in the punk rock movement, the late Vivienne Westwood. Therefore, our designers came back from London and went back to the mood board to come up with those creative designs”, he added.

The CEO and managing director of the company said that the motto of Tourtiwi is to make high-street and runaway fashion more affordable for consumers of all types, especially students and struggling women who are raging against the system for a variety of reasons. He said that as a consumer-facing company, they are also ready to accept new design suggestions.

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