Roasted-to-Order Coffee Launches Website Offering Coffee Club Subscriptions

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Friar Roast Coffee Company has launched its website, enabling coffee lovers to purchase beans that are roasted and ground to order and have them shipped the same day for optimal freshness and flavor.

Offering branded merchandise and subscription club services, the straight-to-door coffee company’s newly launched online storefront is fully stocked with single-origin, flavored blends, and signature roasts. Unlike supermarket coffee which may have been roasted months and even years before it is sold, the small-batch roaster offers freshly roasted beans, as well as greater insight into how and where they were grown.

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The gourmet roasts and K-cups can be ordered as part of Friar Roast Coffee Company company’s newly available subscription service, a new feature that allows customers to have regular shipments of their favorite coffee with optimally preserved characteristic flavor and aroma.

The online store offers single-serve coffee K-cup pods available to order in 12 and 60 packs, which are compatible with Keurig machines. They contain the company’s ‘original roast’, a signature blend of high-quality gourmet coffees ideal for casual drinkers.

Its blended and single-origin coffees are available as whole beans, as standard or espresso grinds, and in quantities ranging from 2lbs. to 12oz. The single-origin beans are sourced from countries renowned for their nutrient-packed soils and high altitudes, which are optimal for developing rich deep aromas and flavors.

For example, the Columbian single origin is grown by smallholder farmers in Antioquia, using traditional washing and drying methods. The result is a medium-roast, EP (European Preparation) certified coffee with hints of dried orange, berry, and chocolate.

Bali Blue is another blend featured in Friar Roast Coffee Company’s roster of single-origin coffees containing Bourbon, Typica, and Catimor varietals grown in the Kintamani district of Indonesia. It is grown in volcanic loam, before being handpicked and dried on raised beds, processes which develop the chocolate, molasses, and brown sugar notes of the end product.

For shoppers looking for coffee with high caffeine content, Friar Roast offers the Gourmet Donut Shop signature breakfast blend – light-medium roast with a strong flavor and undertones of toffee and fruit.

About Friar Roast Coffee Company

In addition to its curated range of roasts ethically sourced from across the globe, the online store features branded apparel and merchandise including baseball caps, t-shirts, mugs, and water bottles. For both its coffee and its merch, Friar Roast offers worldwide shipping.

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