Bexley Frameless Glass Installation For Showroom Windows, Glazing Service Update

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Sydney-based glazier SOS Glass Services Pty Ltd. (041-031-1916) has updated its commercial frameless glass installation services for local businesses in Bexley, NSW, and beyond.

With the update, the company now offers glazing solutions to help Bexley businesses improve the visual appeal of their premises with sleek frameless glass installations.

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From the initial design to glass installation, SOS Glass Services strives to provide quick and efficient service, delivered with minimal disruption to the client’s business operations.

Renowned for its versatility, architectural glass can be used for a wide range of purposes – both inside and outside of a building. In a commercial setting, frameless glass is ideal for showroom windows, shopfront windows, sliding doors, and more. It is also a perfect addition for businesses looking to embrace open, airy workplace designs.

The frameless glass from SOS Glass Services is cut to measure to ensure a clean, precise finish. All glass installations are durable, weather-, UV light-, and wear and tear-resistant.

Besides installing new frameless glass, the installers at SOS Glass Services can help clients upgrade their existing glass walls to meet local council regulations and Australian safety standards. They also offer prompt emergency repair services in the event that the glass gets fractured, vandalised, or damaged by a weather event.

“SOS Glass Service was very professional and efficient at all times, with a brief period passing from when we gave them the go-ahead to when they had finished all the work,” says a satisfied customer. “Their price was very reasonable, and the results are great; we love it. We would recommend them to anyone.”

About SOS Glass Services

For over 25 years, SOS Glass Services has provided residential and commercial clients in Sydney and the surrounding areas, including Bexley, with timely, quality, and competitively priced frameless glass installation, repair, and removal services. The company is 100% Australian-owned and sources its raw materials locally.

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