Cherry Creek Physical Therapist Sports Injury, Sprained Ankle Treatments Expand

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Dr. Jamie Bovay, an award-winning physical therapist at KinetikChain Physical Therapy (720-651-0674), is expanding the center’s sports injury physical therapy services to Cherry Creek and other parts of Denver.

KinetikChain continues to expand its services in Cherry Creek to address the growing number of athletes who need physical therapy for sports injuries. According to the CDC, the city is seeing an uptick in sports-related emergency department visits, prompting Dr. Bovay and his team to improve their services to serve athletes in the local community.

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Announcing the expansion, Dr. Bovay has built out his practice’s sports-specific physical therapy for amateur athletes, sportspersons, and active adults. The KinetikChain system employs a multimodal approach to prevent and treat sports-related injuries using the principles of exercise science and biomechanics.

KinetikChain-trained therapists work closely with athletes, assessing the range of motion, strength, and flexibility associated with their sport, physiology, strengths, weaknesses, and injury risk. After the assessment, the Denver sports therapists build a one-to-one treatment schedule incorporating performance enhancement exercises, dry needling, and massage therapy to address long-term issues.

Dr. Bovay and his team believe athletes should not have to ‘push through’ pain or endure a long, complicated journey back to health, fitness, and peak performance. KinetikChain Physical Therapy Denver has developed targeted mobility-building protocols and movement strategies for national and international athletes.

KinetikChain specializes in working with amateur and professional athletes through their post-surgical rehabilitation. Additionally, therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, and neuromuscular re-education can treat orthopedic conditions and sports injuries.

KinetikChain therapy is covered by most major insurance carriers, improving affordability and access to sports therapy in Denver. The practice has flexible scheduling, with early morning and evening appointments for athletes and active adults with busy training or competition schedules.

About Dr. Jamie Bovay

Dr. Bovay has a doctorate in physical therapy from Rockhurst University and founded KinetikChain in Denver to help professional athletes overcome their injuries through extended treatment plans. He holds manual therapy certification (MTC) from the University of St. Augustine and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). His book, ‘Adding Insight To Injury: The Ultimate Injury Recovery Guide To Help You Reclaim The Life You Love’, is a highly-rated guide to approaching chronic injuries.

“At KinetikChain Denver, our compassionate and experienced therapists are ready to help you overcome this minor setback. We will identify the true source of your pain and create a personalized therapy plan to ensure you start your healing journey on the right foot,” said a spokesperson for KinetikChain.

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