Brooklyn Interstate No-Elevator Apartment Moving: Box-Labeling Guide Released

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The comprehensive online moving resources site,, has released a new report on how interstate movers in elevator-less apartments can label their moving boxes.

The recently published guide covers every aspect of box labeling for moving, including the right time to start labeling, the most common labels, how to purchase good-quality markers, and the best way to label boxes using colors.

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With its latest guide, wants to make moving out of no-elevator apartments much more organized and easier for both relocators and hired movers. Moving boxes downstairs is harder than moving them with elevators, and fatigue can increase the chances of disorganization; however, properly labeling the boxes can lessen that possibility.

For those moving out of no-elevator apartments in busy urban areas, labeling boxes at the last minute will only increase the stressfulness of the process. As such, the guide advises movers to label boxes immediately after they have been packed and sealed. Then the contents won’t be changed, so the label won’t have to be changed, and the exact contents will be fresh in the mover’s mind, so they can label the box accurately.

Movers who are taking boxes out of an apartment from the second story or above without the convenience of an elevator should be especially careful to pack delicate, fragile items in sturdy boxes with clear labels. For these boxes especially, good-quality markers with bold, smudge-free, water-proof ink will come in handy, says., a veteran player in the moving industry since 1994, has supported more than 6 million movers to date. The platform credits its longevity to thorough industry research, state-of-the-art technology, and precise attention to the latest relocation trends. Their website features an extensive array of moving guides, over 150 how-to videos, and a weekly updated blog offering expert practical advice and cutting-edge industry insights. is dedicated to serving movers nationwide with an excellent network of companies and copious, accessible guidance.

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