Chaplain Training In Compassionate Leadership For Educational Settings Updated

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The National School Chaplain Association has updated their professional chaplain training to include education in compassionate leadership.

The National School Chaplain Association is the leading institution in the United States for chaplain training, employment and advocacy. The association constantly reflects on how school chaplaincy can improve and how school chaplains can do more to help students and communities in need. That’s why they have updated their professional chaplain training to address the lack of compassionate leadership they see in schools today.

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In an education culture that is increasingly driven by standardized tests and metrics, and in which teaching staff is increasingly burnt out—and typically leaving the profession before they can rise to leadership roles—the National School Chaplain Association has seen that leadership in public education is in crisis. As a recent article on Forbes magazine revealed, 63% of school leaders today have considered quitting the profession because of stress, pointing to the, as they termed it, “high-stress, no-win stakes of leading education today”.

Given their close relationships with schools across the country, the National School Chaplain Association has seen firsthand the effects of this leadership crisis, and they believe that harried, under-pressure and time-poor school leaders have little time to think of one of the most essential values in education: compassion.

The National School Chaplain Association believes, therefore, that school chaplains can and must fill that gap.

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Individuals who are considering retraining from a classroom teaching position, from within the church ministry, or as an external candidate, will now have the opportunity to study both the essentials of chaplaincy and leadership. All students will follow a personalized online path of study, which will prepare them to become both a chaplain and a compassionate leader in less than 12 months.

The National School Chaplain Association is a non-profit organization devoted to improving the wellbeing of students and school communities in the United States.

A spokesperson for the organization said, “We are the world’s largest provider of certified school chaplains and our mission is to equip schools and chaplains to serve the spiritual needs of teachers, students, and their families.”

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