Fine Art Price Analytics Platform & Largest Auction Aggregator LOT-ART Launched

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LOT-ART is a new fine art price analytics platform and auction aggregator designed to serve prospective art investors in the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and European Union.

LOT-ART’s new investment platform is currently the largest search engine and auction aggregator available in the global art market and it has drawn from the historical auction sale prices of over 30 million pieces of fine art worldwide. By applying sophisticated market analytics to this breadth of data, LOT-ART’s founders believe they can distill core trends in the fine art market and evaluate the actual value and liquidity of fine art for interested buyers.

More information is available at the Art Investment Platform | LOT-ART

LOT-ART has been founded at a time of particularly high performance in the fine art market. As the investors and data analysts behind the platform explain, art has—especially in a world of planned obsolescence and rapid consumption cycles—timeless and enduring cultural cache that gives it both significant social and financial worth. However, unlike typical investments like shares, bonds and other securities, as an alternative investment, fine art and luxury collectibles demands a much greater level of market knowledge and insight.

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This is what the LOT-Art price analytics platform is designed to provide. Using sophisticated algorithms their disruptive platform can allow interested fine art buyers to gain an accurate understanding of the overall price trends for art investment and the relative financial worth of any particular piece of work—whether it be a painting, sculpture, or work in another medium, and whether it be the work of a classic or modern artist.

The founders of LOT-ART understand that many art investors are also art collectors, and they believe their new auction aggregator can help prospective investors to combine an emotional or aesthetic attachment to a piece with its potential return on investment, or ROI.

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LOT-ART is currently serving collectors and investors in the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and the European Union, in particular: Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark.

The CEO of the fine art & collectibles analytics platform said, “Art as investment follows similar rules to most common financial products, but it is more rewarding in terms of emotional feelings and less sensitive to macroeconomic factors effecting financial markets. When combined with sound expertise, purchasing at auction is the best source of deals for anyone seeking alternative investment opportunities.”

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