Nashville Metro Street Patching & Asphalt Paving; Resurfacing Case Study Launch

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Gaddes Strategic LLC (+1-615-866-2795) has released a new case study showcasing its asphalt paving services following a recent job with a homebuilder in Nashville.

The project saw multiple homes being completed near the Country Music Hall of Fame downtown, which required asphalt trenches to be dug in the street – ensuring that the new water pipes were correctly installed. After which, Gaddes Strategic was enlisted to mill and resurface the road.

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As detailed in the case study, the primary challenge with a project of this scale was to create a durable paving installation that could withstand the daily wear required of a metro street. During the project, the team uncovered past work from a previous job that required asphalt trench repair prior to milling and resurfacing.

Asphalt offers many benefits that make it an ideal paving material. The dark color of asphalt minimizes glare and allows lane markings to be more clearly defined. Because it can be paved rapidly, construction interruptions are shorter, allowing work crews to complete jobs efficiently and safely.

The milling and resurfacing process mentioned in the case study provides a smooth, even surface, re-establishing water runoff and reconstructing boundary markings. Gaddes Strategic uses advanced milling equipment to remove worn surface material, repair any subsurface defects, and apply new asphalt. With proper resurfacing, the longevity of asphalt pavement can be extended dramatically.

For the recent residential development project, the company completed the milling and paving of the metro street in just two days. The quick turnaround minimized disruption to drivers, and now the newly paved and resurfaced road provides ideal conditions to withstand heavy construction equipment and traffic.

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In addition to asphalt paving and resurfacing, Gaddes Strategic provides a full range of parking lot repair, maintenance, and reconstruction services. The team of experienced professionals can complete any size job from minor repairs to full reconstructions efficiently.

Discussing the recent case study, a spokesperson stated: “Gaddes Strategic, under the management of owner Shane Gaddes, stepped up to meet the challenge. Whether you need a minor repair or asphalt milling and paving for your business overhaul, asphalt paving specialists in Nashville can help you achieve a finished look that’s both long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.”

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