THE Motorcycle Lawyer Debuts Michigan Hands-Free Driving Law Awareness Rap Video

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To raise awareness of Michigan’s new hands-free cell phone law, Jason Waechter, THE Motorcycle Lawyer (1-877-245-3752), and Detroit rapper Comic have released a new rap video “Put it in the Mount”.

The recently released “Put it in the Mount” rap video collaboration from Jason Waechter, THE Motorcycle Lawyer, and rapper Comic sees the duo spotlighting Michigan’s new laws that can see drivers fined up to $500 for using their phone while driving.

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As the new music video highlights, the law has a “loophole” that allows drivers to use their phones if it is mounted on the dashboard, so they can still have GPS or other information on hand while driving.

With the Michigan hands-free driving law coming into effect on June 30th, 2023, many drivers may be unaware of the change, or the law’s specific details regarding mobile phone use while driving. However, as failure to understand what is and is not allowed can lead to fines, community service, and license points being added, THE Motorcycle Lawyer stresses the need for more creative ways of informing motorists.

The new rap video’s main hook explains, “Right before I leave the house, I already know the route. If I don’t I plan it out, put my phone up in a mount”. This catchy line outlines how drivers can legally use their phones without holding them by hand while driving a vehicle.

According to Mr. Waechter, while the video has a humorous tone, the message it delivers is an important one for both drivers to avoid running foul of the law, but also the importance of reducing distractions while driving. As a preeminent attorney for motorcycle injury and wrongful death cases, he has vast experience in the field and understands the damage distracted drivers can cause.

Mr. Waechter said, “This law is not perfect. Its goal is to cut down on distracted driving, which is especially dangerous to the motorcycle community. Distracted driving leads to many serious accidents and by going hands-free, the hope is to reduce them significantly.”

Drivers looking to learn more about Michigan’s hands-free cell phone law can watch “Put It In The Mount” alongside a breakdown of the new legal requirements on THE Motorcycle Lawyers’ website. Mr. Waechter and Comic can also be made available for interviews by contacting the former’s office.

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