Toronto Certified Medical Esthetic Education: Dermatology Career Training Update

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The Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy (647-247-2481) has made several recent updates that have expanded the accessibility of its MedSpa training programs, to allow students from anywhere in Canada to complete the majority of their education online without quitting their day jobs.

Students from anywhere in Canada can access these updated classes from the Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy, which combine online learning and hands-on instruction to provide full certification for MedSpa careers in only a few months.

More information about the updated course structure, a full list of available certifications, and registration information can be found at

With these new courses, students can study the underlying physics and biology of popular medical aesthetic treatments, the legal and regulatory considerations for working in a MedSpa, and several proven business strategies, from anywhere with an internet connection. After their online courses are complete, students can then attend a one-week hands-on training program at the nearest Dermysk Academy to complete their certification.

Although these courses can be completed in as little as a few months, students are encouraged to work at their own pace to ensure that they are comfortable with the material, and there is no time limit for the training. Students may also choose between several classes, to learn Basic, Advanced, or Master-level techniques.

In the Basic course, students will learn everything they need to know to begin their careers in a MedSpa, including certification in up to a dozen popular procedures, such as acne treatments, laser hair and tattoo removal, and fractional ablation. The Basic course also covers how to deal with clients, what to do in case of problems, and important information about hygiene and safety.

Graduates from the Basic course can enroll in the Advanced class to learn more complex techniques, such as Cool Sculpting and pigmentation treatments. The Advanced course also includes information about managing difficult clients and highly individualized business strategies for students who choose to open their own MedSpa.

While the Dermysk Academy also teaches a Master-level course, students are not required to take the Basic or Advanced classes first. The Master-level course is a standalone training program that teaches everything included in the Basic and Advanced classes, as well as exclusive training not available elsewhere.

While the Master-level course requires a minimum of two weeks of in-person training, as well as the online courses, it also includes special training in several techniques such as Vampire Lifts, and medical-grade skin care products. Graduates of this program will also receive a Master of Medical Aesthetics certificate.

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