Camden, NJ Out of State Movers for High Rise Apartments, Cleaning Guide Launched

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How to clean a new home properly, before moving in, is explored in this new report launched by The full report explains several deep cleaning methods, and how users can get estimates for local moving companies, with no cost or obligation.

When moving into a new home, one of the most often overlooked tasks is deep-cleaning the new residence before moving in. This new report launched by explores several options for pre-cleaning, how to clean after moving in, and how to estimate the costs of hiring professional movers.

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The new report explains that, when moving into a new apartment or home, there are often cleaning tasks that are easier to accomplish before the new residence has been filled with furniture and possessions. The full report explains each task in detail, the supplies that are required, and how to complete them if users have already unpacked.

While there are several strategies for cleaning a new home, the report suggests a basic strategy that begins with dry-cleaning or dusting empty rooms, to loosen up dust, dirt, and debris. Readers are advised to work from the top down, starting at the ceiling, and allowing gravity to help dust and dirt settle.

Once the walls and ceilings have been dusted and dry-wiped, the report suggests vacuuming and sweeping floors to eliminate the bulk of the dry debris. Only after this is complete should the user move on to wet cleaning, using surface cleaners, damp cloths, and mops.

If readers have already moved their possessions into their new home, the report suggests that they can move furniture, boxes, and other items into a few rooms, which can be cleaned after the rest of the apartment. However, readers should ensure that these boxes do not collect dirt and debris before they are moved into the already-cleaned areas of the home.

Alternatively, readers may wish to hire a professional cleaning service before they move into their new home. While the report does not provide assistance with finding a professional cleaner, it does suggest a simple tool for estimating the rate of a professional moving company.

This simple tool allows users to input information about their upcoming move into a single form, which will share with local, pre-screened professionals. Users will receive up to 7 estimates from trusted local movers, with no cost or obligation.

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