Quiet Achiever Mid-Career Career Development Strategy: 2023 Course Update

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Award-winning leadership coach, Megumi Miki, based in Melbourne, Australia, updated her career development program for mid-career professionals, emphasizing practical strategies to develop an executive presence and succeed at work as quiet achievers without pretending to be loud.

Megumi Miki’s flagship program is designed to help introvert and ambivert professionals thrive in their professions and advance their careers without attempting to overcome their quieter nature, but by accepting it and using it as an advantage. The Quietly Powerful course draws on her own professional experience as a Japanese female consultant as well as in-depth interviews with successful quiet leaders.

More information can be found at: https://quiz.quietlypowerful.com.au/sf/885b60eb

Quietly Powerful is for quieter professionals who may be introverts, highly sensitive or shy, culturally conditioned to be quieter, or people in minority groups. Quietly Powerful also tackles the proverbial bamboo ceiling – corporate barriers faced by many mid-career Asian professionals in Western corporate cultures.

Speaking up and being visible is a significant obstacle for quiet professionals trying to get promoted, as research shows that in a team of six, on average, only two people do most of the speaking during meetings. Megumi’s career development program aims to address those problems.

According to the Center for Applications of Psychological Type, around one-third to half of the US population is introverted. This is reflected in the corporate world as nearly 4 out of 10 CEOs are introverts, according to a USA Today report.

“This might be surprising,” Megumi explains, “but it does make sense since quieter leaders are just as effective, sometimes more effective, than their not-so-quiet peers. Successful quieter leaders have developed specific ways to move up the ladder and have a fulfilling career.”

Many quieter professionals are unaware of how to employ their strengths in a corporate culture where aggressive, vocal personalities seem to control the narrative. Quietly Powerful emphasizes the importance for introverts of accepting their natural qualities as they are and adapting in ways that works for them. Megumi understands that it can be challenging for introverts to use their natural strengths in the noisy, high-paced corporate world. But she also reminds them that that their qualities can be an advantage in an uncertain and complex environment and adapted when needed to thrive in such a world.

Her career development program begins with a short quiz to identify the unique keys to career success as a quiet achiever. It then offers practical strategies that enable quiet achievers to leverage their qualities by reframing their perception of their quieter qualities while adapting purposefully to be effective in their roles and the environment.

Megumi Miki is an author, speaker, leadership consultant and coach, helping individuals and organisations to get the best out of their talent, leadership and culture. Organisational clients include Ernst & Young, Baker McKenzie, National Australia Bank, and other government, for-profit, and nonprofit organisations. Her book, “Quietly Powerful: How Your Quiet Nature is Your Hidden Leadership Strength,” recieved the Australian Career Book Award by RSA Oceania and the Best Leadership Book Award at the Australian Business Book Awards.

Interested parties who consider themselves to be introverted and would like to make the most of their quiet strengths in the corporate world can take the first step by taking the short quiz and receive a personalised report at: https://quiz.quietlypowerful.com.au/sf/05fe9be8

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