7 Things a Lawyer Will Do To Maximize Your Personal Injury Settlement

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(Newswire.net — August 17, 2023) — Sometimes the aftermath of an accident can be worse than the accident itself. The financial losses you will incur following the accident will hurt you for a long time. Luckily, there is a way to mitigate the consequences of the accident—filing a personal injury claim.

According to personal injury law, the person who caused the accident must pay for the expenses incurred by the victim. You will need the help of a lawyer to win a personal injury case. 91% of people who file a personal injury case with the help of a lawyer get a favorable outcome, whereas only 51% of people get a favorable outcome when filing a case without the help of a lawyer.

You need to hire the best personal injury lawyers to handle your case. Hiring a good lawyer is the best way to maximize your chance of obtaining fair compensation.

This blog post explores the things a lawyer will do to maximize your personal injury settlement.

Things a Lawyer Will Do to Maximize Your Compensation

The following are the seven things a lawyer will do to maximize your compensation:

          • Investigate the Case
          • Calculate Accurate Losses
          • Collect Evidence to Support Your Case
          • Bring in Expert Witnesses
          • Negotiate with the Insurance Company
          • Take Your Case to the Court
          • Go for Punitive Damages

Investigate the Case

First things first, you need to determine negligence. Investigating the case is the first step any lawyer will take. Either they will hire private investigators, or they will investigate on their own. Investigating allows the lawyer to determine negligence and the severity of the accident. They can also collect relevant evidence by investigating.

Calculate Accurate Losses

Before proceeding, you need to know the true value of your case. Only then can you claim the compensation you deserve. Documenting your expenses is important for this step to be successful. Expenses like medical bills should be documented.

In the same way, all the expenses you incur as a result of the accident should be documented. In addition, lawyers will also quantify your non-economic losses by using the multiplier method. Including non-economic damages when calculating losses is crucial to claiming fair compensation.

Collect Evidence to Support Your Case

Without substantial evidence that shows the negligence of the defendant, the insurance company will never agree to pay. So, your lawyer will strive to collect relevant evidence to support your case. The investigation phase will help greatly in collecting evidence. They will also speak with eyewitnesses who can support your case and ask them to testify in court. An eyewitness can be great evidence.

Bring in Expert Witnesses

An expert witness can add great value to a case. They can offer insights to a case that no other individual can. Since they are experts in a particular field, their statements will be considered credible and trustworthy. Lawyers will have contacts with many expert witnesses who they will bring in to testify when necessary.

Negotiate with the Insurance Company

Of course, the insurance company is not going to agree to the compensation you ask for. Rejecting the claim is a strategy they use to make you agree to a lower settlement. Personal injury lawyers will not go down that easily, either. They will negotiate and make them agree to a good settlement.

Take Your Case to the Court

Sometimes, you can’t reach an agreement outside of court. So you have to take your case to court. The settlement you receive in court will be much higher than the settlement you receive in an out-of-court settlement. However, the process will be long and tiring. Speak with your lawyer and file a lawsuit only if your lawyer is confident that you can win.

Go for Punitive Damages

Once your case goes to court, you can seek punitive damages. Punitive damages are offered to punish the victim rather than compensate them. Punitive damages are issued to deter the defendant from engaging in such behaviors in the future. It is offered only in rare cases, but it can significantly increase the settlement.

Wrapping Up

A lawyer can do the aforementioned things to maximize your compensation. Do not miss out on these things by going through the claim process alone. Hire a good lawyer and rest.