Charlotte Solar & LED Landscape Lighting For Outdoor Spaces: Options Updated

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Palmetto Outdoor Lighting (704-387-3282) in Charlotte, NC recently updated its landscape lighting options for customers seeking to enhance their outdoor spaces.

With the announcement, Palmetto Outdoor Lighting wants to help customers create outdoor spaces with welcoming and tranquil atmospheres. The company currently offers four different types of landscape lighting options, all of which can be customized to fit the customers’ spaces.

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Palmetto Outdoor Lighting’s expanded landscape lighting options are designed to accommodate a range of customer needs. Their solar lights, for example, are ideal for customers wanting an energy-efficient option with no electrical wiring. Similarly, their LED lights also provide ample illumination with minimal energy consumption. Their pathway lights and accent lights are also useful options for customers looking to make their outdoor spaces easier to navigate.

Whichever landscape lighting option is chosen, Palmetto Outdoor Lighting’s trained professionals oversee every step of the installation process, from initial design to final reveal. Once the systems are installed, they also offer repair and maintenance services should they be required.

Palmetto Outdoor Lighting’s landscape lighting not only makes outdoor spaces more inviting and warm but also makes them more safe and secure. Because the lighting systems can be tailored to fit each landscape’s unique design, customers can use them to highlight features that they want to be more prominent. They can also create unique shadow patterns that add to their spaces’ atmospheres.

“When it comes to giving off a certain charm, landscape lighting is on top of the list,” said a spokesperson for the company. “It can create a magical atmosphere and make you feel as if you are on a movie set. With the right lighting, your outdoor space will be transformed into a dreamy environment perfect for hosting gatherings or just having some alone time.”

To receive a no-obligation quote for a landscape lighting project, customers can call Palmetto Outdoor Lighting at the number in the description or fill out the request form on their website.

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Palmetto Outdoor Lighting is a locally owned and operated business providing high-quality lighting solutions to residential and commercial customers. In addition to landscape lighting, the company also installs, repairs, and maintains building exterior, curb appeal, deck and patio, pathway, and security lighting.

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