NeuLine Health Announces DFW In-Home Neurodiagnostic Care & EEG Testing Services

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NeuLine Health (+1-214-603-3432) announces its mobile electroencephalogram (EEG) testing program – offering in-home care and quick results for patients with neurological-related concerns in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The recent move comes as part of NeuLine Health’s concerted move to revolutionize neurodiagnostic care beyond its McKinney headquarters. Now bringing its EEG testing capabilities to the DFW area, NeuLine Health aims to help a larger number of Texas patients have their neurological wellbeing accurately assessed.

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With the announcement, NeuLine Health significantly improves access to neurodiagnostic testing while shedding prior requirements for patients to undergo lengthy hospital stays. Instead, NeuLine Health introduces a combination of home and medical office-based testing procedures, carrying out EEG clinical care on a mobile basis.

The perceived advantages of in-home testing are threefold, says NeuLine Health. When done in the comfort of one’s private property, a relaxed sense of ease follows – contributing to more accurate readings of neurological activity. By expanding to Dallas, NeuLine Health allows more patients to opt for a more convenient alternative to inpatient care.

Home-based testing also brings favorable financial outcomes, with NeuLine Health pointing to standard inpatient procedures as up to three times more costly. With its latest expansion, the McKinney neurodiagnostic services provider offers new routes to substantially more affordable testing – helping to remove barriers that might prevent patients from seeking care.

Its services also rapidly accelerate both scheduling and results, essentially streamlining the testing process for patients and caregivers. With the advantage of prompt diagnostic test outcomes, Dallas patients and their families can now be afforded quicker answers regarding recommended next steps in treatment plans.

NeuLine Health announces its expanded EEG testing program as part of its continued efforts to boost the level of patient care in Texas. By bringing the testing process directly to patients at their homes, the company aims to transform common perceptions about the accessibility and efficiency of neurodiagnostic care.

To that end, NeuLine Health’s recent expansion furthers the services of qualified healthcare providers while advancing the standard of neurodiagnostic testing both in the state and throughout the nation.

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