Bronx Out of State Apartment Movers, Tips for Cleaning a New Home Released

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A new guide released by explains when and how to clean the new home during relocation.

While most movers are primarily concerned with unpacking the belongings and arranging the furniture upon arrival at the new home, believes that before any of that happens, it is essential to thoroughly clean the new house or apartment. Its new guide offers advice on the best time to clean the new home and the supplies needed to do it properly.

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The first website to offer no-cost moving estimates, is on a mission to make moving a less stressful process. As such, its team regularly publishes guides on anything from packing fragile belongings to driving a rental truck. In “Tips for Cleaning Your New Home”, the moving professionals first and foremost advise movers to always clean their new home before unpacking their belongings.

“After you unpack your belongings and arrange the furniture, the absolute last thing that you want to do is have to go through your house and then clean everything you just organized and set up – moving things and rearranging them a second time through,” says

Whether moving into a brand-new home or one that has been previously occupied, there is bound to be dust, dirt, and debris. To properly enjoy the fresh, new home feeling and avoid potential damage from leftover debris, suggests cleaning the home thoroughly starting from the top floor.

The guide also recommends starting with dry cleaning; dusting and vacuuming, respectively, will get rid of the surface dust and dirt particles. Once the dry cleaning is completed, wiping with surface cleaners and disinfectants, if needed, will give the home a nice finish and that coveted “new home” feel, and smell.

For those movers who would like to make moving less labor-intensive by hiring a professional moving company, can provide up to seven estimates, at no cost.

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