Queens Long Distance Movers for Apartments & Essential Items Report Launched

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Movers.com, a no-cost resource available to anyone in the USA, has launched a new report that explains all of the essential items individuals should pack separately when planning a move, so they can be used immediately at their new home.

This new essential items report, launched by the specialists at Movers.com, provides insight into some of the most common issues faced in a new residence, and how individuals can correct many of them by packing some essential items separately.

More information about local moving companies, specialist advice for packing, and a full list of essential items can be found in the full report, at https://www.movers.com/moving-guides/top-5-items-you-need-for-your-new-place.html

The report explains that, when moving into a new residence, it is not uncommon for some types of broken appliances, furniture, or electronics to go unnoticed until someone is actually moving their possessions in. Although this damage is often minor, Movers.com suggests that a fully stocked toolbox should always be packed separately, and should be available at all times during the unpacking.

While many minor repairs can be handled by a professional, or worked on after the move is complete, this is not the case when the damage is to an entranceway, which may need repairs before it can be used. This can include damage to doors, doorways, floors, carpets, and hallways.

Individuals may also want to pack a separate box of cleaning supplies, the report suggests, to ensure that the new residence is fully cleaned before it becomes cluttered with boxes. While cleaning can be done at any time, Movers.com specialists always advise deep cleaning a new apartment before moving in furniture or other large items.

Although these first two items can often be helpful, or even required, before the majority of the boxes and furniture are moved in, the rest of the list contains items that are not necessarily needed in advance. This includes bedding for the first night, bathroom supplies, and kitchen essentials.

With this list of essential items, the report suggests it is easier to unpack in an organized fashion, working one room at a time rather than trying to find items that are needed immediately. However, it also suggests another method for organized unpacking, using a full-service moving company.

Since rates for professional moving companies can vary widely based on the type of service required, the amount being moved, and the distance traveled, Movers.com has also included a simple tool for estimating the rates of various options. By filling out one simple form on the company’s website, users can receive up to 7 estimates from local experts, with no cost or obligation.

More information about pre-packing essential items, professional moving rates, and the no-cost estimate tool can be found at https://www.movers.com/moving-companies/ny-new-york/queens-village/cheap-movers.html

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