Chaplain Association For Education & Spiritual Care: New Opportunities Announced

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The National School Chaplain Association (NSCA) (405-831-3299), has announced new opportunities for community members who would like to support the education and spiritual care organization.

The National School Chaplain Association has created a new role within their organization that they call the Peacemaker. Anyone who wants to support their initiatives in public and private education in the United States can now become a Peacemaker and contribute in the way that most befits their skill set and the time they can devote to the association.

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As the NSCA Board of Directors explains, all new Peacemakers who join the organization will help them better serve the spiritual needs of teachers and children in schools across America. As one board member Todd Anderson elaborated, “When you nurture hope in students through chaplains, you change the trajectory from despair to flourish.”

The National School Chaplain Association has created five new ways in which supporters can become a Peacemaker for their organization. The first is recommended to anyone who values the compassionate and hope-bringing work done by the organization and would like to volunteer for the NSCA. This may include helping in their call center or administrative offices, or by contributing as a speaker or writer. The NSCA suggests all supporters can also elect to become a Peacemaker by making a tax-deductible donation to the registered non-profit charitable organization.

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Those individuals who feel called to help more actively can also take their first step into the organization as a Peacemaker. This will involve working to support the association’s advocacy and activism work, furthering their aim to install more school chaplains in US schools. The NSCA is also interested in working with school administrators and district employees who can become a Peacemaker and then directly facilitate the placement of school chaplains within their school district or school community.

The National School Chaplain Association has also streamlined its chaplaincy accreditation and training processes to encourage more individuals to become both Peacemakers and certified school chaplains.

The Board of Directors at the National School Chaplain Association said, “As a Peacemaker you can help us put education and society back on track by bringing God and prayer to schools. Help children develop morally, spiritually, and academically, along with safer schools and mental health.”

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