San Jose, Costa Rica Alcohol Recovery & AA Meetings, Rehab Center Update

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Costa Rica Treatment Center (+1 888-240-2826) has updated its alcohol addiction recovery and urgent drug rehab programs at its San Jose premises.

Due to a recent UCLA study that found that varenicline could be effective in limiting the consumption of alcohol in individuals suffering from alcohol use disorder (AUD), Costa Rica Treatment Center now blends individual therapy and addiction counseling with evidence-backed withdrawal treatment services. The certified international drug rehabilitation center now offers 30, 60, 90, and 120-day residential treatment programs.

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Its new 4-phase approach consists of stabilization evaluation and planning, a results-driven alcohol detoxification program, necessary medication and treatment, followed by a comprehensive outpatient care plan designed to ensure successful reintegration into society and maintained sobriety.

The team of healthcare practitioners is comprised of two general doctors and three professional psychiatrists who will conduct full medical and psychological evaluations at the start of the program.

Costa Rica Treatment Center (CRTC) takes a multidisciplinary approach to addressing toxic attitudes and behavioral patterns in order to heal underlying mental health and addiction issues. Attendees will benefit from the center’s high staff-to-patient ratio and can access individual, group, and spiritual therapy, as well as relapse prevention services.

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CRTC explains that alcohol use disorders, known as AUD, currently affect around 7% of Americans. In addition to interpersonal issues, continued alcohol abuse can increase the likelihood of developing certain types of cancer, experiencing a stroke, and damaging the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Costa Rica’s relatively low cost of living compared to the US makes CRTC more financially accessible than other rehab facilities. Moreover, the treatment center is surrounded by nature, which means that patients can benefit from access to local beaches and hiking routes, allowing them to participate in regular field trips and sober outward-bound activities.

A spokesperson for the center said, “We understand the process of recovery from a deeply personal experience and apply a program of action designed for each patient, helping them recover and lead a healthy life.”

More information can be found by visiting or by calling +1 888-240-2826.