Key Points for the Enhancement Shaman Class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

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( — August 21, 2023) — There are many different classes and directions in World of Warcraft that need to be studied in detail and carefully since the built-in game tutorial only slightly shows what awaits the players in the next few levels, but does not provide any information and knowledge regarding the middle of the game, before being sent to Dragon Island and what to do upon arrival. How to properly develop a hero, where to get equipment, what build to choose and why, where to earn gold, and how to win in PVP – game training does not teach all this and the developers leave the groundwork for studying the players on their own.

You can read guides, act on a hunch, or visit this website for detailed analysis and help, regardless of the class you choose.

Who is the Enhancement Shaman class in World of Warcraft

The Enhancement Shaman class is a unique character that combines melee attacks with offensive magic to deal two types of damage when fighting monsters and an enemy faction.

The class relies on buffing skills and combo combat.

The shaman relies on various skills during attacks, which can be accelerated along the way due to normal attacks.

When dealing physical damage, you can activate the Maelstrom Weapon skill – the skill will be charged and at level 5 it will be able to reduce the time of applying attacking or healing magic.

One of the most pleasant buffs for the Shaman can be called the summoning of totems – Ragingwind Totem will buff all allies and increase their attacks if they are within its radius of effect.

Skill rotations allow a Shaman with the Perfection specialization to attack a different number of targets – one enemy, two and three, one primary and secondary.

What has changed for the class in patch 10.1 for the Dragonflight update

Each update patch for Dragonflight brings minor changes to classes that need to be read and studied in order to understand the overall game meta and be able to adapt to it.

It is worth noting that Blizzard has generally abandoned the concept of habitual skill dependencies and allowed players to freely combine skills and talents as they see fit, which additionally gives such a universal class as a Shaman a lot of options for creating builds.

The Static Accumulation skill now has a passive effect, and when using any type of lightning, there is a chance to return the expended charge to the Maelstrom Weapon.

Calling on Thorim now increases all lightning damage by 20%.

Each storm hit now has a chance to trigger a rebirth skill, and each attack will increase the chance by 1% and the chance will be reset to zero when triggered.

Ring of Fire now deals a mixture of fire and physical damage.

Flame Shock now deals additional Elemental Power and Fire damage.

Raging Wind damage has been doubled, and each subsequent charge will accelerate the damage by 20% per level.

Elemental weapons will now proc when the weapon is fully enchanted.

New PVP talents have appeared:

Burrow – the hero burrows underground, removes all types of immobilization and movement restrictions, disappears from sight, and after 5 seconds jumps out of cover, knocking back all enemies within a radius of 6 meters and dealing damage depending on the strength of the weapon.

Stormweaver – no longer buffs attacks and healing skills, but accumulates Maelstrom weapon points, which will buff individual attack skills and chain healing. Each effect absorbed doubles the attacks.

Aura now increases all normal attacks and skills by 5%.

Strengths of the Enhancement Shaman class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

  • A wide range of talents, skills, and passive skills that are accelerated by normal attacks based on the accumulation of power.
  • Strong and stable damage on two or more targets.
  • Due to the large number of targets, you can disperse damage on a priority enemy.
  • Instant implementation of the strongest damage in the skills that the character has.
  • Damage that triggers secondary targets does not affect the damage of primary enemies in any way.
  • Strong control skills in Mythic dungeons.
  • Good mobility and the ability to avoid damage in many situations, including during PVP and when passing raids.
  • Chain healing, which accelerates due to the main accumulative skills when attacking, will be an excellent help to the main healer.
  • Windfury Totem will serve all melee allies well in a group and during mass battles.

Weaknesses of the Shaman class with a specialization Enhancement in the Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft

  • Almost all AoE spells have limits on the number of targets and are often cast on two or three opponents along with the main target.
  • Acceleration of damage occurs with direct contact with the target and constant attacks from close distances. This means that with knockbacks and the need to increase the distance, the damage is reduced due to the interruption of cooldown cycles and the need to re-accumulate passive parameters in order to bring the damage to a good level.
  • Too confusing a hero for beginners, where non-observance of all cycles, endurance in the accumulation of passive bonuses, and mistakes in positioning drastically change the overall potential of the class and make it less combat-ready
  • The class requires the timely use of a large number of active skills in the correct sequence to achieve the desired effects in damage and healing of allies.
  • They have weak physical defense and resistance to direct damage, which is compensated only by the ability to heal themselves and the group.
  • There will be a random trigger factor in any build, and combat progression will be driven more by luck and the power of the passive bonuses.

Stats and their priority for the Enhancement Shaman class


Included one of three characteristics, which is decisive for melee fighters.

Agility allows you to increase the overall damage, the chance and power of skill procs, and the chance to deal lethal damage with melee attacks.

All equipment and weapons of high-quality value give an increase, including dexterity, in addition to all the basic parameters.


As a hero who is directly dependent on the use of skills, the Shaman develops and strengthens all his active skills at the expense of mastery points.

You will be able to deal double damage, increase the chance of debuffs, more healing, and no cooldown procs with a certain level of luck, which increases with a higher Mastery.


All contact classes that reveal their potential in close combat must have a pumped speed parameter in order to always be able to catch up with the target and deal maximum damage due to skills and normal attacks.

Speed also provides attack speed when using weapons, which will serve well for a dagger with, so, not a small attack parameter.

Look for additional articles on stats if you think you need to prioritize other parameters and look for your play style.