Visibility 360 Announces Authority Marketing for Independent Professionals

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Digital marketing agency Visibility 360 announces new authority marketing solutions for Independent Professionals.

Visibility 360 introduces authority marketing services for independent professionals – a strategy based on the agency’s proprietary “authority accelerator campaigns”.

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The new solution is based on agency founder and serial entrepreneur Barbara Drady’s extensive experience in reputation marketing and multimedia campaigns. Barbara has created a three-step process that distills multiple types of content into an easily-manageable approach for curated, hyper-specific content that positions client brands in a position of authority while providing genuine value to its readers. She explains that the leveraged content and authority strategies propel clients to be seen, to be known, and to be chosen.

The first step is an initial consultation…a deep dive session to explore if authority marketing is the right strategy for the client. The Visibility 360 team sources the essential information to create a 12-month content plan centered around each client’s goals and business profile. Visibility 360 will then leverage its expert content creators to design custom content in multiple formats, from branded news articles to infographics, slideshows, and videos.

Once reviewed by the client, V360 uses its strong relationships with the media to publish content on hundreds of high-authority digital platforms – providing independent professionals with improved visibility and exposure faster and more effectively than traditional advertising without spending hours creating content.

Ms. Drady states, “V360 Authority Accelerator™ Campaigns so that professionals will be recognized as an authority in their niche, increase their earnings, and live their dreams.”

Barbara emphasizes the importance of consistency for long-term success:

“Each month, V360 will create hyper-targeted content for our clients,” said Barbara. “Creating content is not a one-time thing – to leverage the power of the V360 Authority Accelerator so that clients are viewed as the preeminent expert in their niche; they must consistently publish new content.”

About Visibility 360

Visibility 360 is a digital marketing and reputation management agency based in Chicago. Founded by Barbara Drady, a successful serial entrepreneur and business strategist, the company’s solutions were used successfully by independent professionals across all sectors.

The latest update sees the agency adapt its authority marketing solutions to better meet the needs of Chicago law firms and healthcare providers, with Visibility 360 announcing that it will continue to invest in the development of custom strategies for clients in other industries.

Interested parties can take a 60-second quiz to find out if Authority Marketing is the right strategy for their practice.

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