Lincoln Park Orphanage Cooking & Personal Development Campaign Launched

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Joey Morelli has launched a charity campaign to provide cooking lessons to children in orphanages to help them become more self-reliant.

Following the recent launch, Chicago-based chef and philanthropist Joey Morelli teaches children in orphanages essential cooking skills. Morelli’s fundraising campaign supports his non-profit organization, Joey’s Food Fight, which is committed to aiding children in need. He uses his culinary arts degree to pay it forward and teach children skills that will allow them to be healthier and that may also translate to better job opportunities in the future.

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In his new charity campaign, he sets up kitchens in orphanages and educates the residents on how to source ingredients and prepare healthy, delicious meals on a budget. He uses his knowledge from years of working in the restaurant industry, where he played a key role in opening and growing several successful establishments. Aside from conducting cooking classes for orphanages around the country, Morelli also serves as a board member for StandUp for Kids Chicago, where he provides food to teen shelters three times a week.

In addition to his on-the-ground work, Morelli hosts a YouTube channel to spread awareness of Joey’s Food Fight. With ambitions to reach the level of the most well-known food shows online, like Best Ever Food Review Show, the cooking and entertainment channel seeks to attract loyal followers and collaborate with like-minded organizations such as World Central Kitchen.

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Joey Morelli teaches children vital skills, such as cooking and food sourcing, to help them support themselves. However, Joey’s Food Fight also aims to inspire children and teenagers worldwide to pursue a career in the culinary industry. This foundation in basic but essential life skills helps young individuals gain a sense of self-sufficiency and confidence that will guide them throughout their lives.

“At Joey’s Food Fight, our mission is to empower and educate children in orphanages worldwide through the power of cooking. We believe that by teaching them valuable culinary and life skills, we can help them become self-sufficient and confident individuals,” a representative said. “Our approach is both educational and entertaining, making the learning process enjoyable for the kids we work with,” they continued.

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