John C. Howard launches a new service to assist investors on their first Airbnb

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John Howard is celebrating the launch of a new Short Term Rental Arbitrage instructional service via the Escape the Grind Brand. He is offering a 20 minute instructional video for new investors to launch their first Airbnb arbitrage. More information can be found from -

3-time 7 figure online entrepreneur, John C. Howard, has organized nearly two decades of learnings and launched a side hustle program for the average person to escape the “9-5 grind.” This online semi-passive cash flow strategy is known as Short Term Rental Arbitrage. Rental Arbitrage is investing lower levels of upfront capital in residential real estate as a renter and capitalizing on high short and medium term rental rates from Airbnb and VRBO. This means that an investor can sublease a leased property to tenants through Airbnb and VRBO.

It is a way to capitalize on the growing market of short and medium term rentals without having to acquire the subject property. Short Term Rental Arbitrage is an appealing investment for real estate investors with smaller amounts of capital.

“Escape the Grind” will be celebrating the launch of its new Short and Medium Term Rental Arbitrage instructional service by offering a free 20 minute instructional video on how new investors can launch their first Airbnb and VRBO rental arbitrage property.. This launch will kick off in Summer 2023. Find out more about this service and video visit –

In an online space where most of the competition simply teaches drop shipping, landing agency clients, e-commerce or other ways to make money online, this Rental Arbitrage strategy has proved to be a very lucrative and profitable online business income stream and extremely consistent especially for those who have minimal knowledge on real estate and rentals and especially compared with other online business models.

The Escape the Grind brand provides intel on how to get and sublease the most appropriate rental properties without having to worry about owner expenses like maintenance and repairs expenses. It shows how people can maximize revenue management by mixing short and medium term rentals and make use of hassle free maintenance and management services that effectively relieve investors of property operational stress,

John C. Howard is a seasoned online entrepreneur who has been generating income online since 2002. He has been involved in several different businesses and online projects that have generated 7 figures or more per year. His largest recent success, is known as a financial marketplace and provided credit solutions to consumers and was the #1 highest traffic mortgage website in the world during the mid 2000s according to Alexa.

In addition to his internet ventures, John C. Howard has generated consistent revenue from vacation rentals since 2005 and is introducing this new education platform so that the average person can also realize the same potential in quickly generating four and five deposits frequently and consistently..

Escape the Grind thrives on the idea of standing out. It’s a lot of fun and will allow newbies to experience the excitement they need to from what can be the fastest and easiest way to generate revenue from a new business. Mr. Howard’s hope is that newbies discouraged by other online businesses like drop shipping or launching an agency can consider short term rental arbitrage and experience how quickly deposits can start showing up. This launch celebration is just one of the many ways Escape the Grind is adding value to the average person. .

When asked about the Short and Medium Term Rental Arbitrage instructional service, John C. Howard said: “It should be a hit because one of the best parts is that there’s no need for any form of marketing or advertising for a newbie to launch successfully because all the marketing and advertising is handled by Airbnb and VRBO – These massive sites bring all the traffic to you! “.

Rental Arbitrage is investing lower upfront capital in real estate for first and last months rent + furnishing costs. The investor can then capitalize on the high nightly rates for short and medium term rentals. Here, an investor can sublease a leased property to short term rental tenants in order to capitalize on the growing market of short and medium term rentals without having to acquire the subject property. Rental arbitrage is an appealing investment for real estate entrepreneurs and investors without capital or with limited capital.

To be more specific, rental arbitrage is when an entrepreneur rents a property as a tenant on a long term lease, furnishes it and then rents it out on VRBO and Airbnb to short and medium term tenants. This rental arbitrage strategy is capitalizing on the huge gap between the price that a property can be leased as a long term unfurnished property and the nightly rates it can achieve on short and medium term rental platforms like Airbnb and VRBO.

Rental arbitrage is simply another way of investing in real estate without having to spend massive capital on buying the property and the investor is also not required to pay for the repairs and maintenance expense on the property.

The concept of being a host and renting out a property on Airbnb and VRBO is not new. Airbnb and VRBO are both platforms that offer homes and apartments to travelers on short and medium term durations for vacations, temporary work, housing for insurance needs and many other reasons.

Airbnb and VRBO arbitrage has grown in terms of being an entrepreneurial online business due to the extremely high demand for accommodations from Airbnb and VRBO during vacations or other temporary stays that are not hotels or hostels. After the pandemic, the world reopened for tourism and work travel and people who have been confined during those years have been eager to explore once again. Even in local markets during the pandemic, short and medium stays were extremely popular for people as nearly everyone in the world was working remotely but they still traveled and stayed locally. This all made rental arbitrage a very popular and lucrative business strategy.

Escape the Grind’s Short and Medium Term Rental Arbitrage instruction service launch is set to ‘go live’ Summer 2023. To find out more about the service and Escape the Grind itself, it’s possible to visit