San Antonio Employee Benefits Consultant: Life Insurance Packages Announced

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Rick Orozco announces Amplify Your Benefits insurance consulting services to owners of small to mid-sized businesses in the San Antonio area.

The recent service expansion allows San Antonio business owners to attract and retain quality employees while offering them affordable health insurance with coverage for disabilities, accidents, dental and vision costs, hospital indemnity, critical illness, and more.

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Rick Orozco’s newly updated employee benefits services help businesses in the San Antonio area provide their employees with voluntary benefits. This type of insurance helps employees fill gaps in their coverage for expenses seldom covered by other kinds of insurance, like lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, or household bills.

According to the Employee Benefits Research Institute, as of December 2022, over 72 million American adults – nearly 22% of the US population – carried ongoing medical debt. Employees who find themselves in this group may have to rely on their savings, investments, or retirement funds to pay their medical bills. Voluntary insurance benefits like those offered by ‘Amplify Your Benefits’ can provide support that goes beyond standard compensation.

The consulting services also employers offer employees a wider range of insurance product options that can be tailored to fit employees’ age, income, lifestyle, and other circumstances. Employers who support their teams have the additional benefit of being more likely to find and retain high-quality employees.

Employers who are interested in offering voluntary benefits to their employees may easily contact an ‘Amplify Your Benefits’ team member via a request form on the company’s website and request an initial consultation.

“We’re excited to show you how we can help you overcome the largest problems business owners face today,” Orozco said. “We help employers attain and retain quality employees and deal with the rising cost of health insurance. Many times, we can accomplish this without costing the owner a dime, and we provide the manpower to get it all done for you.”

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