Southfield Business Plan Creation & Financial Projections, Services Updated

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QT Business Solutions (248-780-1188) renews its commitment to helping startups and small businesses create comprehensive business plans with financial projections with its updated services.

QT Business Solution announces its updated business plan development and grant proposal writing services. The boutique business consulting company helps startups and existing businesses create comprehensive business plans and grant proposals with financial projections to be submitted to potential investors.

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With over two decades of experience, QT Business Solutions says that its updated services consider the changing business landscape. Today, businesses looking for funding need to be able to write a proper proposal, including a full business plan with year-to-year financial projections. This is especially important for startups from niche industries.

For nonprofits, QT offers a six-week training program that teaches nonprofit leaders the fundamentals they need to know to run a successful and legal tax-exempt organization. The company’s experienced consultants will help leaders craft a full grant proposal document, and help them search and apply for grants relevant to their mission.

QT Business Solutions currently offers six essential services for small to medium-sized businesses in various industries. These are new business registration, Tax ID or Employee Identification Number (EIN) registration, business plan writing, financial projection creation, and applying for various types of funding. Depending on the client’s needs, these services may be combined into one custom program.

The goal of every business plan is to give startups their best chance to receive the capital they need to begin their intended projects. No two prospective investors are the same, therefore every business plan must be tailored to the client’s unique circumstances.

New clients can schedule a no-obligation consultation call with QT Business Solutions at no cost. During the call, clients can discuss their business goals, financial needs, and which type of funding or grant they would like to apply for. The team will then assess and suggest the best possible course of action. Clients are reminded, however, that even with a custom plan, there is no guarantee of being accepted for a loan or grant.

QT Business Solutions is a team of business and financial consultants specializing in small business planning development. They serve all types of businesses across all industries.

A spokesperson for the company wrote, “We are business and financial consultants specializing in working with startups and small businesses seeking funding. We help prepare our clients to meet the criteria required to be approved for commercial and non-profit funding.”

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