Freelance Flipping Strategies For New Entrepreneurs: Side Hustle Workshop Launch

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Startup Business Wire has announced a new online workshop from Alicia Lyttle, teaching participants how to leverage their skills and turn them into burgeoning side hustles.

The workshop – which acts as an introduction to Alicia’s Freelancing Genius program – focuses on the subject of freelance flipping, teaching practical strategies for building side hustles, and then scaling them through outsourced work.

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To showcase the growth potential for freelancers, the workshop highlights real-world case studies, giving participants new insights into the ‘gig economy’. Examples given include Jason Saddler, who built a T-shirt marketing business, Alex Tew, who sold sponsorship pixels, and Ryan Kaji, who built a YouTube empire unboxing toys.

Finding clients is one of the most challenging aspects of becoming a freelancer. Noting this, Alicia Lyttle shares proven techniques for identifying high-potential business opportunities. The key to success, she explains, is finding the intersection between these high-leverage skills and hobbies or interests that students enjoy.

A key focus of the training will be equipping attendees with the skills needed to effectively engage prospects and connect with ideal clients. Alicia offers tips and strategies focused on crafting compelling proposals, networking within target industries, and securing those critical first projects that lay the foundation for an ongoing client relationship. The goal is to provide participants with a repeatable system for continually attracting new business.

She recommends starting small and remaining nimble in order to organically grow a freelance business over time. She explains the advantages of beginning with a manageable client workload and slowly expanding services. This measured methodology allows freelancers to remain adaptable as they establish their brand and offer more specialized solutions.

The workshop also explores leveraging digital platforms and social media to amplify reach and connect with potential clients worldwide. Alicia Lyttle discusses both broad marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork as well as niche communities like Etsy that align with specific skills and services.

A spokesperson states: “Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck, dreaming of financial freedom but feeling stuck in the 9-5 grind? With the right combination of passion and entrepreneurial spirit, you can turn your skills into a side hustle.”

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