Perle Cotton Embroidery Threads, Hand-Dyed Long Staple Collection Announced

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Valdani is now making their perle cotton long staple threads for embroidery with a natural hand-dyeing method that creates deep and colorfast shades.

In addition to using high-quality Egyptian and 100% long-staple cotton for their embroidery threads, Valdani is now hand-dyeing their threads using completely natural dyes that promise both a greater range of colors and long-lasting vibrancy and depth. Valdani knows that embroiderers want their projects to last generations, and they are confident that their new colors will stand the test of time.

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In their new collection of hand-dyed colorfast embroidery threads, Valdani is also releasing over 130 new solid shades and over 170 different variegated hues. As they are now exclusively hand-dying their threads, Valdani believes they can also now offer their shoppers more nuanced and subtly hued variegated threads, with artful transition points between the different shades.

For the summer, Valdani is also showcasing some of their most vibrant and playful new colors. In solids, Valdani is proud to be releasing their new bold yellow Sunflower thread, vivid Fresh Grass green thread, sea-inspired Bright Turquoise, floral and bright Pink Peony, and warm Bright Orange Coral.

For those embroiders who are looking to craft sunny and summery projects over the summer months, Valdani also recommends new variegated hues like Water Reflections, which combines bolder and more pastel sea-green shades, and Summer Sky, which is another blue-based variegate that captures the hazy and dusky look of summer. Also popular are their new yellow-tinted Sunshine Glory and pink-based Raspberry variegates.

All of Valdani’s new colorfast and hand-dyed 100% long-staple perle cotton threads come available in sizes 5, 8 and 12, giving embroiders the option to choose between fine, medium and heavy-weight thread.

Valdani makes all of their thread by hand in their boutique Edmonton factory and they ship their products across North America. In addition to perle cotton thread for embroidery, they also make sewing machine cotton, wool thread, punch-needle floss, and more.

A spokesperson for the North American thread designers and makers said, “All of our colors, both solids and variegated, are hand-dyed and colorfast. Our hand-dyeing process is unique and provides you with a high-quality product that ensures long lasting vibrancy of colors.”

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