Peoria, AZ AC Ductwork Maintenance To Improve Indoor Air Quality, Service Update

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HVAC contractor Clark Heating and Cooling (+1-602-793-2477) has updated its residential air conditioning maintenance services for Peoria, Arizona households.

The contractor’s expanded services encompass AC systems inspections, duct cleaning modifications, filter replacements, and more, ensuring homeowners that their units are working efficiently and dispersing consistent cold air throughout their properties.

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By expanding its air conditioning maintenance services, Clark Heating and Cooling wants to help Peoria residents keep their AC units running at peak performance, especially during the hot Arizona summers when temperatures reach above 100 degrees. The team offers yearly, half-yearly, and quarterly inspections to prevent costly equipment repairs and extend the life of its clients’ AC systems.

“The best way to keep your AC unit running efficiently is to perform regular, scheduled maintenance,” a company representative says. “Like changing the oil in your car, regularly servicing your HVAC unit should give you years of trouble-free cooling.”

Clark Heating and Cooling’s certified and licensed technicians perform detailed 22-point inspections during routine maintenance to ensure all parts of the AC system are working correctly. They check Freon levels, blower fans, compressors, electrical wirings and connections, supply and return grills, fan relays, and control boards.

They also pay special attention to AC duct works as they are considered the most critical part of the system. Without proper duct installation and sizing, humidity levels can get out of control, and indoor air quality can suffer. AC ductwork maintenance also prevents VOCs and other harmful particles from circulating indoors to avert health issues, such as congestion or asthma attacks.

Clark Heating and Cooling also handles whole-house duct modifications to ensure quiet and balanced airflow, optimize unit capacity and air filtration, and maximize AC equipment performance.

About Clark Heating and Cooling

Clark Heating and Cooling is a local business that provides comprehensive HVAC solutions to residential and commercial clients throughout the Phoenix Valley. Originally from Hawaii, the owners and staff pride themselves on fostering a culture of honesty, attentiveness, accuracy, and respect with their clients.

“We want to share the “spirit of aloha” and how it guides our daily work. When you work with us, you are considered ohana,” the spokesperson adds. “We service your HVAC equipment as if it were our own. Our team loves what they do, and it shows every time we respond to a service repair call.”

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