Breathwork Facilitator Training Online Sessions, Coach Certification Announced

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The NeuroDynamic Institute is now accepting new students for their September 2023 NeuroDynamic Breathwork Facilitator Training program.

The Institute’s new Facilitator Training Program for 2023, which begins on September 2nd, will certify successful attendees to lead NeuroDynamic Breathwork sessions both in-person and online. The training course lasts six months and includes a 350-hour curriculum with special guests, a personal development component, practicum sessions, study groups, and evergreen support.

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The training program, newly launched for the fall of 2023, is the only offering of its kind that allows practitioners to practice what they learn. Its teachers bring over 40 years of experience in breathwork facilitation and participation in over 1,000 sessions. Students will have the opportunity to learn directly from the founder of NeuroDynamic Breathwork, who has facilitated live sessions with 1,000 participants.

Most program sessions are taught live by core platform facilitators, all of whom have undergone three years of breathwork training themselves. The comprehensive curriculum covers all aspects of the practice that participants need to become successful facilitators. They will also practice live breathwork sessions throughout the training, a feature that is unique amongst other training programs in the industry.

The training begins on September 2, 2023, and ends in February 2024. The core of the program consists of three live online training sessions per month on Saturdays, beginning at 9:00 a.m. US Pacific Time. Each session will last four and a half hours, and special sessions with guest speakers will last between five and a half to six hours.

NeuroDynamic Breathwork was created by veteran breathwork practitioner and international speaker Michael Stone. He has brought the benefits of this profound therapeutic method to thousands of participants from over 120 countries. The Institute’s science-based breathwork has been featured in Elephant Journal, The Times of London, The Robb Report, The Times’ Luxx magazine, and Yoga Journal.

“The community you’ll become a part of is so powerful,” one satisfied student said. “It’s really neat that this course is offered virtually, because it allows for people all over the world to be a part of your journey. The personal development portion is amazing and really needs to be brought to the whole world.”

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