AI Landing Page & Copy Generator; Law Firm, Consulting Website Builder Announced

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Bigly Sales has announced the launch of Bigly Pages – an AI website and copy generator for small to mid-sized businesses.

Developer of the well-known CRM software of the same name, Bigly Sales is taking its efforts to assist small businesses a step further with the introduction of Bigly Pages. The new service enables small business owners to generate fully functional company websites with landing, service, and about pages, among others – without any coding.

More information about Bigly Pages and the AI website generator can be found at

The announcement comes amid growing interest in and implementation of AI technology by both individuals and companies. As A recent IBM report revealed, 34% of US companies are currently using AI in some form, while 42% are actively exploring ways in which AI could streamline business processes.

However, Bigly Sales understands that most services – even OpenAI which does offer a free GPT-3 version – come with prohibitive costs for small to mid-sized businesses. As such, its AI website generator is available at no cost.

“At Bigly Sales, we were always committed to helping out the little guy,” says a company spokesperson. “With our pay-as-you-go CRM app, we provided small businesses with the capabilities of HubSpot and Salesforce at an affordable cost; now with Bigly Pages, we offer small businesses a way to stay competitive online, with attractive website design and quality copy, but without the high price tag.”

Website development can be a significant expense for any business – and Bigly Sales cites recent data published by Impact, which revealed that the cost for custom website design can range anywhere from $15,000 to $75,000.

Bigly Pages eliminates these expenses and offers much faster results. As such, Bigly Sales believes its new website generator is the ideal solution for small business owners, solopreneurs, freelancers, and others in need of a website, but who cannot afford professional website development fees.

The AI website generator only needs basic information – such as company name, logo, and services offered – to provide users with a custom website in a few seconds. Once the first draft of the website is generated, business owners will have the opportunity to further customize it – from editing the text and selecting their desired font to replacing the auto-generated images.

Bigly Pages can generate websites for businesses across industries, including legal services, consulting, and marketing.

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