High-Quality Soft Comfortable Healthcare Scrubs For Doctors, Sets Launched

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Uniforms World Store, an online store that sells apparel for medical and healthcare workers, has launched new sets of high-quality scrubs for doctors.

Uniforms World Store new healthcare scrubs for doctors have been made from the store’s premium fabric blend. This breathable, lightweight and stretchy blend of polyester, spandex and rayon is designed to be soft and comfortable during a long stressful hospital shift and in all patient care contexts.

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Unlike most other scrubs providers, Uniforms World Store is retailing their new scrubs as sets not as separate tops and bottoms, meaning they are priced per set. They know that the average doctor needs at least six sets of scrubs to make it through the week, and that these likely need to be replaced every 6-12 months—so they believe their unique per set pricing can help all doctors to save on their workwear.

As Uniforms World Store exclusively manufactures and retails scrubs and other medical apparel, they are constantly working to improve the quality of their fabric and its performance, and their new premium blend is also completely water repellant making it suitable for surgery, primary care and other intensive care contexts.

In addition to being stretchy, their new high-quality scrubs for doctors feature an adjustable drawstring waistband for a waist-clinching yet comfortable fit. They also feature practical hidden front, back and side pockets.

Uniforms World Store has a selection of new healthcare scrubs available on their website for both men and women. Most of their new scrubs for doctors can be purchased in sizes S to 2XL. The online retailers also offer their scrubs in an array of colors that have been designed specifically for healthcare facilities and hospitals, including their blue selection of Royal Blue, Turquoise, Caribbean Blue and Navy. Pink, Red, Burgundy and Hunter Green scrubs are also available.

Uniforms World Store prides themselves on the quality of their apparel and their easy-to-use online shopping interface and customer service support.

A spokesperson for the online store said, “Our scrubs sets meet the demands of the working professional while offering flexibility in style and choice. We don’t let up in letting our customers get what they want from the clothing they choose.”

Interested readers can find out more at https://uworld.store/en-ca/collections/all

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