Charlotte Explainer, Product Demo Video Production Company: Guide Released

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All-in-one media production company Primeau Productions (888-843-1550) has released a guide sharing five ways in which small businesses and large manufacturing companies in Charlotte can use video for business growth.

Primeau Productions’ new guide highlights five different types of videos small businesses and large manufacturing companies should create if they want to raise brand awareness and attract new customers.

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According to a study by Statista, the most popular types of video content for businesses last year were product demos and social media videos, followed closely by explainers, training videos, and client testimonials. The same study also found that 78% of businesses that consistently used video content experienced a direct increase in sales, while 86% saw a boost in their website traffic.

The first type of video that Primeau Productions recommends small businesses and large manufacturing companies create is explainers. Explainers inform customers about a product or service and generally include animation, motion graphics, and music to make them more engaging and memorable.

Two other types of videos that the guide highlights are instructional videos and product demos. Instructional videos and product demos are similar—one teaches customers how to use a product or service, while the other shows the product or service being used. Typically—in addition to being instructive—these videos also draw attention to the features and benefits of the products or services.

The last two types of videos that Primeau Productions suggests small businesses and large manufacturing companies utilize are cultural value videos and marketing messages. These videos help businesses and companies set themselves apart from their competition by helping promote their principles and goals.

“Videos are an excellent way for small businesses and large manufacturing companies to educate their customers, highlight product features and benefits, showcase company culture and values, and raise brand awareness,” said a spokesperson for Primeau Productions. “For any business or company wanting to grow and accomplish their goals, diverse video content should be a top priority when strategizing.”

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Based in Greenville, SC, Primeau Productions has been providing clients from around the world with professional media production and marketing services since 1984. Some of their clients include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Smithsonian Institution, California State University, the North Carolina Airports Association, and Harper General Contractors.

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