CISO Hiring For 2023 SEC Compliance; Cybersecurity Recruiting Agency Update

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Recrewment Inc., a global cybersecurity recruiting firm, announced updated retained recruitment services to help companies meet new requirements just established by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The new rules, and changing landscape, make identifying top-tier security leaders critical.

Robust, proactive cybersecurity management is more critical than ever for top-tier companies, as underscored by recent decisions from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. And with the recent announcement, Recrewmint Inc., a global recruitment firm, is uniquely suited to help executives and boards identify qualified chief information security officers and other cybersecurity leaders.

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Recrewmint Inc. announced updates to its retained cybersecurity recruitment services as industry leaders process the SEC’s July 26 ruling. The commission’s ruling mandates firms that register with the body to report material cybersecurity incidents. It also requires firms to release details of their cybersecurity risk governance and management strategy annually.

The new SEC requirements reinforce the reality that chief information security officers aren’t simply IT security experts. Today, CISOs must also be adept with finance, legal concerns, and privacy, as well as recruitment and retention of cybersecurity team members.

Recrewmint Inc.’s proven strategies give their clients an edge in the competitive process of hiring qualified cybersecurity professionals. Because the firm respects both clients and potential candidates, it strives to provide a shortlist of exceptional possibilities rather than a parade of lackluster options. Principles such as confidentiality, grit, teamwork, and stewardship guide every step of the process.

Additional provisions of the SEC ruling require companies to disclose material impacts or expected effects of reported cybersecurity incidents – unless the U.S. Attorney General determines these disclosures would create national security or public safety risks. Other new rules require boards of directors to detail their oversight of risks, as well as show management’s responsibilities and experience in cybersecurity dangers.

Companies contemplating CISO hires to shore up security shouldn’t postpone – firms must comply with many new provisions in annual reports for fiscal years ending on or after December 15, 2023. Smaller companies may have an extra 180 days to comply with many of the provisions.

Based in the greater Toronto area, Recrewmint Inc. specializes in recruiting for high-profile positions such as CISO, vice president of information security, director of information security, and other cybersecurity leaders. The company was founded in 2019 and works both on the placement and hiring sides to match top cybersecurity talent and opportunities to protect clients and the global community from threats.

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